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3 Industries That Desperately Need Hiring Help in 2019

Aida Fazylova - Dec 19, 2018 10:41:33 AM

While the unemployment rate in the U.S. has fallen to a steady low, the state of hiring among several industries is more turbulent than ever. As new technology brings with it a need of entirely new skill sets and positions, and as younger generations start joining the workforce, some industries are scrambling to deal with the hiring gaps.

Read below to find out which three industries are suffering the most and how they can survive in this challenging recruitment landscape:

1. The Cybersecurity Field

As companies of every size are getting hit by huge, costly security breaches, there has arisen an urgent need for cybersecurity professionals across industries. From Facebook to Equifax, security hacks and breaches have affected millions of people worldwide in the past couple of years alone.

Many organizations are starting to recognize the fact that they need serious, full-time help in addressing these threats. According to the 2017 Global Information Security Workforce Study, two-thirds of its respondents said they’re in need of cybersecurity professionals to address this high threat climate.

Companies who want to fill these roles need to recruit outside the box and find people who may not have the highest level of technical experience, but can learn and adapt to any situation quickly. According to Forbes, about three in ten cybersecurity professionals came to the field from a background outside of information technology.

2. The Restaurant Industry

When it comes to the restaurant industry, it’s the next generation that’s worrying restaurants the most. Generation Z is the smallest generation population yet, and according to the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation, in the next 10 years restaurants are expecting to add 1.6 million jobs — while the population needed to fill those jobs is expected to decline by 1.3 million.

Not only will there be a larger hiring gap, but restaurants must also come to terms with the fact that Gen Z is one of the most unique populations to enter the workforce yet. Born with technology and smartphones in their hands, Gen Z is joining the workforce with new demands for workplace culture and environments.

A survey conducted by the NRAEF and the Center for Generational Kinetics showed that culture is extremely important for Gen Z, with nearly half of those workers wanting recognition and some sort of feedback weekly. Restaurants looking to hire these workers will need to keep applications simple and easy with tools like AI chatbots, and ensure they have a strong social media presence and work culture.

3. The Retail Industry

Technology — in the form of e-commerce disruption — has turned traditional retail on its head. It’s created a massive gender employment disparity, delivering a strong blow to female employees working in traditional retail stores. Recent data shows that 129,000 women lost jobs in 2017, while men actually gained positions in the retail industry.

Factors of this anomaly include that most women are employed in brick-and-mortar retail stores that have been run out of business by online shoppers, while men who work in the transport and logistics aspects of the industry are still gaining steam due to all the shipping needs brought in by this surge of e-commerce shopping.

This disparity gap could be solved by using artificial intelligence in recruiting efforts. Retailers can address the issue by using AI chatbots and blind applications to ensure that they’re hiring fairly between men and women in every aspect of the retail industry.


While hiring landscapes are transforming rapidly across these industries, recruiters can still find ways to fill their hiring gaps by thinking outside the box and using new recruitment tools and technology to their advantage. To learn how XOR’s unique features can help your recruitment efforts during these challenging times, request a demo with us today.

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Aida Fazylova

Aida Fazylova

Aida spent over seven years in talent acquisition before she founded XOR. She also studied artificial intelligence and co-founded OpenDataScience, an online community of over 39,000 data scientists, researchers, and engineers. She is passionate about helping recruiters understand technology and build tomorrow's future of work. When Aida is not working she is exploring new hot pot restaurants around San Francisco.

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