5 Tips on How to Source Hourly Workers

5 Tips on How to Source Hourly Workers

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5 Tips on How to Source Hourly Workers

Andrei Muntean
Oct 12, 2021 5:06:29 PM

According to Statistica, there were 59 million people in 2020 doing contracting or freelance work in the United States.

During the pandemic, many workers started to move towards this more flexible working style as they enjoyed the freedom it gave them in comparison to traditionally salaried positions. More contractual, hourly workers are a great benefit for companies as well, as they can bring on top-tier experts for specific projects with the understanding that once the contract is over, you may no longer need their assistance. 

Often, the hardest part about hourly workers is sourcing them. Finding the right candidate and convincing them that you are worth their valuable time can be a challenge. While you certainly can make a job posting, in a candidate-driven market you have to be proactive. Here are a few tips on how to source those perfect freelance candidates: 

Create Expectations

It is always impossible to find the perfect candidate for your role if you aren’t even sure what you are looking for. First, have a full understanding of what you will be asking the candidate to do. Know the scope of the project, and how much time you expect them to be working. Think about the milestones throughout the project, and consider what your end goal truly is beyond project completion. Take time to really look at the needs of the position you are trying to fill and make a list of the qualifications you are looking for. Separate these lists into “must-have” skills and “might-have” skills that help you understand what the candidate should be able to do and what would be a nice benefit for them to have experience with. Once you know what you are looking for, it is much easier for you to identify the ideal candidate!

Look at Similar Projects

Are you looking for a programmer that has experience working on eCommerce websites? Look at the list of developers that worked on similar applications that you really respect, and see if those people are looking for more work! Freelancers are often looking for the next project, and contacting them before they go looking for that work puts you at the front of the line. Find their LinkedIn or another form of contact, and send your proposal their way! Give them an offer they can’t ignore, and you may find yourself the perfect experienced candidate.

Reach Out to Your Network

One of the best ways to find highly trusted candidates is by utilizing your existing network. Talk to HR professionals and business founders that you have a rapport with, and ask them if they have any recommendations for the position you are trying to fill. Getting a personal recommendation helps you get connected to talent that you wouldn’t be able to find on job boards, and they already come with praise from a trusted colleague. So much talent is found through recommendations and word of mouth, and that is doubly true in the world of contract and freelance workers.

Consider Gig Worker Communities

UpWork, Reddit, Slack, CloudPeeps, SimplyHired — there is a growing list of places where freelance and contract workers congregate to either look for job opportunities or connect with other similar workers. Job board sites for freelancers often are vetted or require portfolios to be posted, allowing you to find a worker with the experience and samples to back that up. Being active in gig worker communities can help you make connections that you can reach out to for position needs or when looking for referrals. Take time to get out and poke around these sites and network as much as possible!

Improve Your Candidate Experience 

From the moment you find the candidate and first reach out, your candidate experience must be positive to attract top talent. Near-instant response times and one-on-one attention with high-quality candidates will be a must to get them interested in the role you are trying to fill. Automation and chatbots can help this process run smoothly, responding to candidates as soon as they contact you on whatever platform they prefer.

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