6 Creative Ideas for Your Virtual Career Fairs

6 Creative Ideas for Your Virtual Career Fairs

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Kristine Le
May 29, 2021 2:48:10 AM

6 Creative Ideas for Your Virtual Career Fairs

Virtual events are known for helping recruiters promote job openings and connect with the best job seekers from any location and on any device, in real-time. However, virtual career fair platforms offer more than that. As an employer, you can do more than just host an online career fair. 

There are several creative takes you can consider to make your virtual event more enticing and unique. Here are 5 creative ways you can take your virtual career fair to the next level.

Webinars and hands-on learning sessions

Aside from career fair booths, you can host webinars or hands-on learning sessions to bring value to your candidates. Passive job seekers who aren’t quite committed to applying to open positions can view and attend these virtual booths and learn more about your company or the topic at hand. This will build up their trust in your employer brand and be more open to checking out your job openings. Webinars are also a great way to switch things up and give candidates the opportunity to warm up first before starting their job search.

Accessible networking

Top talent doesn’t attend virtual career fairs only to find jobs — they also could be looking for opportunities to network with you or other fellow candidates. Making networking accessible and easy to navigate can be a unique perk of your virtual environment. This can be something as simple as creating a chat room specifically for attendees to chat in — or having a directory of all your recruiters linked with their professional social platforms and contact information.

Partner with thought leaders

Whether it’s your company’s talent acquisition director or Lou Adler, reach out to your favorite thought leaders and see if they’d be open to present at one of your online events as a guest speaker. Not only will this encourage potential candidates to attend, but these thought leaders will also provide attendees with valuable insight into the recruiting space.

You and your partner can agree to share the details of the virtual hiring event via social media platforms such as Facebook or Linkedin to increase awareness and exposure.

Q&A sessions

Virtual job fairs are meant to be interactive and engaging — and Q&A sessions are a great way to keep recruiters and candidates connected throughout the event. If a candidate has questions regarding a particular webinar or recruiting topic, they can refer to the Q&A lounge. You can also add a FAQ section to help attendees navigate the event easily and answer common questions.

Giveaways and raffle contests

Don’t forget about the fun! Hosting giveaways or raffle contests can boost attendee motivation to attend your webinars or even get them to apply to your job openings. Depending on your budget, the reward can vary — but can definitely be something as simple as company swag, movie tickets, or a pair of sunglasses.

Feedback hub

Feedback is the best way to improve on anything. Create a hub designated for constructive criticism from attendees and use those metrics to gauge the performance of your virtual event. This will help you improve and prepare for future events.


Virtual recruiting events don’t have to be cookie cutter. Recruiting technology offers a ton of features to help you find qualified candidates in new and exciting ways that closely resemble traditional career fairs. With the right virtual event platform, you can customize your recruiting event to create a unique candidate experience and hiring process.

Schedule a demo with XOR to see how we can help you craft the perfect online job fair.

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