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A How-to Guide for Recruiting With Virtual Career Fairs

Kristine Le - Oct 26, 2020 1:55:25 PM

Attracting and hiring the best talent is hard, but unforeseeable circumstances can make it even more difficult. Both recruiters and candidates may not have the resources nor finances to meet in-person, let alone host or attend a traditional career fair - but don’t let that discourage you from finding talent.


A How-to Guide for Recruiting With Virtual Career Fairs

Section 1: Intro to Virtual Career Fairs

 I. What are Virtual Career Fairs?

II. Why Virtual Career Fairs?

Section 2: The Benefits of Virtual Career Fairs

I. Embrace an all-digital career fair.

II. Categorize and showcase your job openings with ease.

III. Empower your employer branding.

IV. Connect with candidates through all types of platforms.

V. Leverage measurable results to improve your recruiting strategy.

Section 3: How to Host a Virtual Career Fair

I. Build Career Fair Map

II. Create Registration Page

III. Promote the Event

IV. Screen Prospects

V. Chat With Candidates

VI. Schedule and Host Interviews

VII. Get Feedback

Section 1: Intro to Virtual Career Fairs

What is a Virtual Career Fair?

As the workforce continues to work towards embracing flexibility, convenience, and compassion, there is technology that promotes these values.

A Virtual Career Fair is a scheduled online event where prospective candidates can interact with recruiters to learn more about job openings and apply for roles.

Why Virtual Career Fairs?

Virtual Career Fairs (VCF) are the perfect way for recruiters and candidates to discover job opportunities, network, and build meaningful relationships - all on a single digital platform.

Let’s discuss the benefits of Virtual Career Fairs and how they can help improve your recruiting strategy.


Section 2: The Benefits of Virtual Career Fairs

virtual career fairs

Virtual Career Fairs offer everything that traditional career fairs do while remaining 100% digital. That means you can meet candidates from anywhere in the world, discuss job openings, and conduct screenings through call, chat, or even video.

During unprecedented times such as COVID-19, Virtual Career Fairs are the perfect solution for both recruiters and candidates as they can meet virtually while staying safe.

Even after COVID-19, Virtual Career Fairs still serve as a great alternative to traditional career fairs as they are cost-efficient and convenient.

virtual job fairs

With Virtual Career Fairs, you can easily categorize and display your job opportunities via virtual booths. Candidates can vet certain job openings depending on industry, role, and more.

The experience is intuitive and seamless for both recruiters and candidates, which helps decrease time-to-hire and improve the candidate experience.

employer branding

Employer branding is one of the most important elements in recruiting. Even if you don’t end up hiring a particular candidate, you want them to walk away thinking highly of your organization.

With Virtual Career Fairs, you can promote your employer branding by creating your own landing pages, booths, and other collateral according to your branding colors, fonts, and overall aesthetic.

This will help your company make a last impression on candidates, providing you with the opportunity to redirect candidates to other openings in the future.

text recruiting communication

Meeting in-person isn’t the only way to connect with your candidates. In this age of technology, you have the resources and tools to engage with candidates through chat, text, call, or video.

Virtual Career Fairs allow recruiters to screen candidates through live chat; those who are qualified can move onto the next steps of the hiring process.

Recruiters can then choose to host a video interview and even follow-up with candidates after to determine whether they are the right fit.

virtual career fairs recruiting

One of the greatest benefits about hosting a Virtual Career Fair is being able to collect data with ease.

Whether it’s booth attendees, candidate information, or feedback, you have the information needed to analyze your performance as an employer and use these results to improve your recruiting strategy for the future.

Section 3: How to Host A Virtual Career Fair

how to recruit with virtual career fairs



virtual career fairs

Build Career Fair Map

The employer will create a map where up to 30 departments, teams, or roles can have a booth.

Prospective candidates can then view the map and click on the booths where they want to learn more about job opportunities.


virtual career fairs landing pages

Create Registration Page

The employer creates a branded registration page where prospective candidates can sign up for time slots of speak with recruiters.



how to recruit with virtual career fairs

Promote the Event

The employer sends out the link to the registration page to prospective candidates using a text message, WhatsApp, and email campaigns.



ai chatbot recruiting

Screen Prospects

The organizer has the option to let employers automate the screening of potential candidates before they can register.

Examples: Are you able to work in the United States? Are you able to lift 25 lbs? 

This ensures the employer is only speaking with qualified candidates.

ai recruiting chatbot

Chat With Candidates

The scheduled events begin and the prospective candidate and employers start discussing job openings. 

During the event the employer and candidate can use chat, emojis, recorded videos, and our Zoom integration as part of their interaction.

The chat sessions can last as long as the employer wants them to.


recruiting with virtual career fairs

Schedule and Host Interviews

If both sides would like to move forward, the recruiter can start a live video call immediately or schedule an interview for a later date.

Interview scheduling can be automated by integrating your work calendar and choosing the hiring managers for the role.


text message recruiting

Get Feedback

Send out a short survey to attendees after your event to see how it went and how you can make your virtual career fairs even better in the future.

You’ll be able to view your survey results in the XOR platform.

Whether you’re facing a global pandemic or are just in need of a cost-effective way to meet candidates, Virtual Career Fairs have the capabilities to meet your business needs.

Here at XOR, we’re passionate about Virtual Career Fairs and would love to share more about what we’ve been working on. Schedule a demo with us to learn more about our Virtual Career Fair solutions.

how to recruit with virtual career fairs

The Guide to Virtual Career Fairs

Download this eBook to learn more about Virtual Career Fairs and how they work!

Download the Guide



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