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AI Recruiting Through The Eyes of Your Candidates

A personal assistant who costs less, can help your recruiters slash their recruiting time in half, cut out repetitive tasks, create a better candidate experience and increase your quality hires? Seems too good to be true, but it’s exactly what AI recruiting is doing, so your team can take the reins and focus on the more imperative tasks at hand. Now, don’t get us wrong, there is still plenty of time for human contact between you and your candidates, but why waste time, money and effort on the administrative tasks when AI can do that for you and actually do it faster and cheaper than anyone on your team?


AI is pushing the boundaries and expanding your recruiting process to help your recruiters and candidates be successful in sourcing and the application submission. With XOR AI, you can communicate with your candidates 24/7, ensuring their questions get answered immediately and around THEIR schedules. AI encompasses your company and creates a time flexible, candidate-focused resource for your recruiters to launch and easily use to win your war for talent.

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Brand Yourself, Candidates

As a candidate, AI can be a huge help for you to kickstart your application process and successfully land an interview with a company. However there are a few things you can do as a candidate to help elevate your experience and get filtered into the right talent pool.

For candidates who are unaware of all the features that AI offers to recruiters, one of the biggest is data gathering. AI chatbots are scanning through profiles, resumes and application answers to place candidates in the right job and narrowing out those who aren’t qualified for that position. So, that means for candidates, making sure your information matches keywords in the job description to help align your profile in the right “pile of resumes” that recruiters will look at.

Candidates, try using these tips to help your application process:  

  • Make your information public: This helps AI find and source all the right information to place you in the right “pile” of candidates.

  • Skills and qualifications: Make sure your online profile lists these and is visible to your connections.

  • Engage: Do you have questions about the job, the application or overall process? AI and chatbots can answer those! So, start engaging and landing those interviews.

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Engagement is Key

A lot of applicants, especially passive candidates who are not actively searching but are still curious, are hesitant to reach out to recruiters. In fact, 58% of candidates say they’d be more comfortable interacting with a chatbot in the early stages of the application process rather than an actual recruiter.

This means your AI chatbot can step in and answer FAQ’s, create an inviting and friendly conversation for your applicants to feel comfortable as they move along the process and also help them schedule out the initial interview with your team of recruiters. AI is working the top of funnel for your team and really pushing your candidates through the funnel as they work to complete your application. It’s important to remember that giving your candidates the option to get their questions answered immediately with a clear and concise response is what will differentiate you from your competitors.

As a candidate, #AI can be a huge help for you to kickstart your application process and successfully land an interview with a company. Learn more:Tweet This!

So, why do your candidates prefer AI?

  • They use technology on a daily basis, it’s as easy as sending a quick text and receiving an immediate response.

  • There is less pressure with a chatbot, than a human. It’s intimidating to speak with a potential recruiter or hiring manager when applying, so, engaging with an AI chatbot lets your candidates feel more at ease and comfortable in the beginning stages.

  • AI keeps your applicants in the loop, from the second they start the application all the way up until an interview. Candidates crave that constant status update, even if they don’t get the job, they are still left with a full end-to-end candidate experience.

AI recruiting isn’t just a placeholder for your recruiters, it’s a recruiting assistant to help your candidates thrive. A recent study showed that 74% of candidates do NOT complete the full application process. Your AI chatbot can send reminders and interact with them to help finish the remainder that’s left. Candidates find this extremely beneficial and valuable to their experience.


Walk Through Process

The value brought in by an AI chatbot isn’t just for your recruiters, it’s giving unlimited resources to your candidates by eliminating that time restraint, those lingering questions they have and those language barriers.


Did you know? Almost 60% of job seekers quit the online application process due to complexity and time requirements.

Transforming the application process, AI is taking your candidates through every step, answering questions, creating a connection and understanding your candidates to help set them in the right direction. With XOR, being offered in 103 languages, your candidates can fulfill the process seamlessly without that language barrier. Applicants around the world don’t have to worry about time zones or working hours to get their application submitted or those unsure questions or comments answered. AI recruiting is a 24/7 communication tool that your candidates can use whenever and wherever.