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How to Recruit Remotely

How to Recruit with Text-to-Apply

How to Automate Candidate Screening

How to Automate Your Interview Scheduling

How to Recruit with On-demand Video Interviewing

How to Recruit with Text Messaging

The 4 Recruiting Trends You Need to Know For 2021

A How-to Guide for Recruiting With Virtual Career Fairs

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Recruiting

The Best Ways to Communicate with Candidates While Recruiting

Recruit Face-to-Face With Live Video

XOR Wins at the HR Tech Awards

XOR Integrates with Zoom, Joins App Marketplace

Here's Your Video Tour of XOR

Track Your Recruiting Communication With Reports and Dashboards

XOR Emerges Victorious in the Chad and Cheese Death Match

Call Candidates And Transcribe Your Conversations With XOR

Connect With Your Candidates Through WhatsApp

Send SMS and WhatsApp Messages From Any ATS With the XOR Extension

How to Host a Virtual Career Fair

Support for Employee Communication During COVID-19

The Importance of Virtual and Remote Recruiting Tools

What is a Recruitment Chatbot?

How to Automate Interview Scheduling With a Chatbot

How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing the Candidate Experience

AI Recruiting in 2020: What To Watch Out For

This Bias Can Kill Your Recruitment Process. Here’s How To Fix It.

4 Ways to Provide the Best Candidate Experience Ever

4 Chatbot Recruitment Myths, Debunked

What the Borderless Workforce Means for Recruiters

General Staffing Agencies About Chatbots. Everything You Need to Know.

New Research: Recruiters Are Not Aware of Recruiting Chatbots and Their Benefits

Your Talent Gap is Your Profit Gap. Here’s How to Fix It.

Applying the Concept of AI-Assisted Personalized Marketing in Recruitment

How AI Can Help Healthcare Recruiters Face the Labor Shortage

How Healthcare Staffing Firms Can Attract the Best Talent with AI

How to Tell It’s Time for an AI Chatbot in Your Recruiting

American Construction Companies are Facing a Major Labor Shortage. Here’s How AI Can Fix It.

How to Protect your Recruitment Chatbot from Falling Prey to AI Bias

What to Expect from 2019: Recruitment Automation

The Long and Short of What TA Leaders Expect of AI and Automation Vol.2

The Long and Short of What TA Leaders Expect of AI and Automation Vol. 1

3 Industries That Desperately Need Hiring Help in 2019

4 HR Automation Trends to Look Out for in 2019

Igniting the Future of the Global Workforce with AI, Data and Diversity

Recruiting Trends You Need in Your Strategy

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Way Global Recruiters Practice

Are You a Robot Recruiter? Take the Quiz!

3 Common Challenges Staffing Agencies Face in High-Volume Recruiting

High-Volume Retail Recruitment Problems

High-Volume Recruiting Problems Only RPOs Understand

Building A Global High-Volume Recruiting Strategy

High-Volume Recruiting: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Ensuring a Great Candidate Experience in High-Volume Recruiting

AI Recruiting Through The Eyes of Your Candidates

The Long and Short of What TA Leaders Expect of AI and Automation [Part 2]

The Long and Short of What TA Leaders Expect of AI and Automation [Part 1]

5 Ways Chatbots Attract Passive Candidates

Chatbots Decoded: 10 Must-Read Articles on Chatbots in Recruitment

The Chatbot AI Calculator Every Business Needs

3 Innovative Ways Companies Are Using AI

Powerful Chatbot Facts Everyone Should Know

How To Determine If a Chatbot Is Right For Your Company

Does AI Give Recruiters a Competitive Edge?

How AI and Automation are Revolutionizing Recruitment

How Well Do You Know AI and Automation?

How AI Truly Implements Diversity in Recruiting

Why AI Isn’t Taking The Human Out of Human Resources

Chatbots in HR: Friend or Foe?

How To Hire Highly Productive Employees

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Chatbots in HR

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