Applying the Concept of AI-Assisted Personalized Marketing in Recruitment

Applying the Concept of AI-Assisted Personalized Marketing in Recruitment

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Applying the Concept of AI-Assisted Personalized Marketing in Recruitment

Laura Foster
Sep 17, 2019 6:36:34 PM

Recruitment has become more and more inextricable from marketing practices as employers continue to compete with each other over attracting the best talent. The overarching mindset is that companies have to market themselves to candidates in order to encourage them to apply, which is why you’ll see companies promoting their job and internship openings (as well as the perks that come with their company) not just on LinkedIn and industry sites, but even on social media.

As such, the trends in marketing are starting to reflect those in recruitment. Maryville University note that the digital marketing industry is expected to grow to a whopping $335 billion by 2020, which means that the race for the best digital marketing strategies are on. One of its manifestations is in new technology, as employers are investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to create a more tailored and marketed reach when it comes to recruitment efforts. Here’s how:

Tailoring your ads 

Audience segmentation has been one of AI’s most important developments. As people continue to use their phones and laptops to shop, connect with friends, and even apply for jobs, Adweek states that all of this data can be pooled to create demographic groups that can help recruiters pick out those most likely to click on their ads. Coupled with machine learning capabilities, AI can profile people in terms of job sites that they visit, other ads that they’ve opened, and even their most used search terms. You should consider tailoring your segmentation to find candidates according to experience, industry, or skills required by the position. In fact, you can even segment your search by competitor to find candidates who fit the position perfectly but are looking for opportunities elsewhere. 

Personalizing your reach 

Once you’ve narrowed down your applicant pool, the next step is to personalize how you reach out to candidates. It’s not just a smaller applicant pool that comes from tailored ads; you can also use the info collected on your applicants to improve how you reach out to them. Business News Daily sees candidate personalization as a crucial aspect of the hiring process, as it requires crafting an online persona of your ideal candidate and pitching a compelling narrative that will appeal to applicants. You can also use this data to improve your company’s overall communication system and craft your social media presence, recruitment ads, and even website copy to create a stronger brand. 

Making the recruitment process fairer

The hiring process is subject to selective and often unconscious bias, which can hamper productivity at best and garner your company a bad reputation at the very worst. Our CEO Aida Fazylova emphasizes the role that AI can play in removing bias from recruitment. AI does this by creating a data pool of all the applicant’s qualifications while simultaneously filtering out any demographic information, such as sex or race that could easily lead to bias in the recruitment process. The AI can also scan skills and qualifications (minus unconscious biases) in order to match applicants to different jobs available, further personalizing your marketing and recruitment efforts.

Indeed, industries across the globe are pushing for diversity thanks to consumers and applicants fighting for their seat at the table — and rightly so. Today’s competitive job market shows that we have to rethink the criteria of what makes a suitable candidate, especially as our previous filters and biases are continuously being proven wrong. 

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