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How Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Way Global Recruiters Practice

Aida Fazylova - Oct 5, 2018 9:56:33 AM

To no one's surprise, artificial intelligence, recruitment automation and machine learning have taken over the headlines as of late. A whopping 72% of executives believe that artificial intelligence and automation will offer a sizeable advantage in the near future. With robots now involved in our daily lives, the question on everyone’s mind is: how will artificial intelligence affect me and my job?

A whopping 72% of executives believe that AI and automation will offer a sizeable advantage in the near future.Tweet This!

In the global recruitment and talent acquisition industry, artificial intelligence has already become the norm with the use of skill assessment tools, chatbots and recruitment automation. This tech is allowing recruitment and talent acquisition professionals to spend less time on administrative tasks and to focus on the human pieces of their jobs, like engaging with their candidates and using data collected from assessment tools to gauge employee success. However, saving time is only the beginning, there is plenty that this technology can do to make recruiting more effective.

From sending follow-up emails automatically after a candidate applies to contacting candidates when relevant roles open up and notifying the hiring team when candidates are actively job-hunting, automation can engage talent 24/7, allowing a better experience for both the candidate and the recruiter.

Take a look at three ways artificial intelligence will change global recruitment and talent acquisition practices below:

Ensuring Cultural Fit

AI is already able to fill the gaps for an employer by assessing the candidate’s resume, online presence and overall company fit more accurately. Most job seekers are familiar with multiple-choice questionnaires, but AI is capable of doing so much more than just that. By applying natural language processing (NLP) and advanced machine-learning algorithms, global recruiters can ask applicants open-ended questions and use their responses to compile comprehensive profiles that can assess everything from empathy and politeness to attention to detail and cultural fit.

Removes Bias From Hiring Process

It’s already pretty clear that global recruitment and talent acquisition professionals need to remove bias from their hiring process if they are going to support a workplace of inclusion and diversity. It’s so important that recently, a software startup company had to pay $1.7 million to settle a racial discrimination lawsuit. AI and machine learning are able to help close the diversity gap within your hiring process, as long as it’s not susceptible to human bias.

So how does AI do this? AI can create a profile based on the actual qualifications of successful employees, which provides hard data that either validates or disconfirms beliefs about what to look for in candidates. AI can also be programmed to ignore demographic information about candidates such as sex, race and age. By simply using an automated, objective process, it's possible to drastically reduce the scope of human bias.

Advanced Analytics

As new tools make the collection and analysis of vast data volumes faster and cost-optimized, hiring teams are looking at gauging key metrics (such as new hires performance trends and turnover numbers) to improve recruitment standards and enhance decision making. Given the complex and dynamic landscape of global recruiting, artificial intelligence stands to be a true differentiator - changing how recruiters and talent acquisition professionals operate and manage the entire hiring process.

AI and Automation technology is the future of global recruitment. Early adopter companies using AI-powered recruiting software have seen their cost per screen reduced by 75%. If you’re looking for the best AI tool in the business to support your global recruitment or talent acquisition efforts start your demo with us today.


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Aida Fazylova

Aida Fazylova

Aida spent over seven years in talent acquisition before she founded XOR. She also studied artificial intelligence and co-founded OpenDataScience, an online community of over 39,000 data scientists, researchers, and engineers. She is passionate about helping recruiters understand technology and build tomorrow's future of work. When Aida is not working she is exploring new hot pot restaurants around San Francisco.

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