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Chatbots Decoded: 10 Must-Read Articles on Chatbots in Recruitment

Nikolay Manolov - Aug 20, 2018 7:22:33 AM

We are no strangers to the tides of change sweeping the recruiting-sphere. Change means a constant flow of new news, opinions and developments. Keeping up with latest and greatest can be a little difficult.

Now that the year is three quarters of the way through, we thought it would be helpful to make a list of 10 of our favorite blog posts so far.

Check out our compilation of articles from the year.  

AI and Recruiting: Here a Chatbot, There a Chatbot, Everywhere a Chatbot by Thom Kenney

Talent Acquisition is already being transformed by chatbots, but there is a tendency toward misinformation on the topic. Thom Kenney, fresh off of TA Tech Europe at the time of this article, was enlightened by the growing relationship between recruiting technology and artificial intelligence. In this article, he advocates for growing utility of chatbots in the talent acquisition industry.

The Value of AI Chatbots in Recruiting by Hudson RPO

This Hudson RPO blog covers 5 ways chatbots add value to the recruiting process. They suggest that the true use of chatbots lies in their efficiency in tasks in the early stages of the hiring funnel. These and clerical tasks are well mitigated by chatbots. Read on to find out how exactly chatbots can provide users more time to do their work.

Chatbots on Your Careers Site – What the Data Says by Phil Strazzulla

Phil Strazzulla, founder of Nextwave Hire, helps breakdown some data from XOR research. He highlights the pros of using a chatbot on your career site. Even more fun Phil continues his video tradition after this blog post on a segment he calls Whiteboard Wednesday. Check it out through the link above.

Why Everyone is Talking About Bots for Talent Acquisition by Jonathan Kestenbaum

Jonathan Kestenbaum, executive director of Talent Tech Labs, shares his optimism about bots and their role in talent acquisition. Cautiously hopeful, he suspects that bots are only in their earliest phase of development and that those currently using bots in their talent acquisition processes are simply early adopters. Follow the link to find out what he believes to be a truly promising prospect of innovation in the near future.

9 Ways AI Will Reshape Recruiting (and How You Can Prepare) by Samantha McLaren

Unlike the pontification of some, Samantha McLaren speaks with certainty on the incoming changes that will be brought on by AI in the world of recruiting. As the title suggests, she dives into 9 separate points related to AI’s evolution. Included is her take on chatbots and their current and future utility.

4 Hot Recruiting Technologies That Help You Attract Top Candidates by Lillian Childress

What is the number 1 hot recruiting technology you might ask? It may or may not have to do with the main subject of this article. The article is well augmented by the quotes of Gerry Crispin, co-founder of CareerXroads. This adds a nice set of perspectives between Crispin and the author herself.

Meet the Latest Bots Automating the Recruiting Industry by Anonymous Guest Blogger

The Recruiting process is a two way street. It’s easy to forget about the perspective of those being recruited. Much of the focus is often on the future of artificial intelligence and its transformative presence in the field of talent acquisition. But our anonymous friend here helps us by writing this article that takes both sides and lists out the benefits for the recruiter and the potential recruit.

Chatbots are here to stay when it comes to the #HR industry. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t always moving and developing. Check out this list top 10 articles from @xor_ai:Tweet This!

5 Ways in Which HR Chatbots Are Making HR More Efficient by Manav Seth

Efficiency is king in business. The more time saved, more money a business makes. HR Chatbots, according to Manav Seth, are exactly the timesavers HR leaders should be investing in today. In his article, he lists 5 unique ways chatbots enhance the jobs of any HR team.

Are bots going to make candidates love you like XO? By Aida Fazylova

XOR’s very own, Aida Fazylova, hits some of the main benefits of bots in candidate engagement. In addition to her detailed explanation of all of things to love about bots, she has a list of things to keep in mind when evaluating AI bot platforms.

Technology Will Reshape Talent Acquisition in 2018 by Roy Maurer

Roy argues that it isn’t simply the emergence of data-driven hiring changing the game, but the volume of data available that is transforming the scope of possible hiring strategies. Like many of the authors above, he posits that AI’s place right now is in the early stages of talent acquisition. It eliminates menial tasks and serves as a tool for the leading users today.

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We’ve presented you with 10 articles that all come to the same conclusion. Talent Acquisition is moving toward a world of artificial intelligence and automation. We would be remiss if we kept our own solution to ourselves. If you are interested in using the best chatbot in the business contact us today.


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Nikolay Manolov

Nikolay Manolov

Nik is a former rocket scientist turned artificial intelligence expert who built XOR's first platform and oversees product development today. He is passionate about creating a more efficient labor market where the needs of employers and candidates both are better met. Nik famously competed in an AI competition (and won) to convince Aida to start XOR with him. When he's not working, he is seeking out new adventures with his family.

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