General Staffing Agencies About Chatbots. Everything You Need to Know.

General Staffing Agencies About Chatbots. Everything You Need to Know.

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General Staffing Agencies About Chatbots. Everything You Need to Know.

Aida Fazylova
Oct 21, 2019 6:00:00 PM

Recruiting the right talent continues to be a challenge for both H.R. and companies in general. Although human judgment will not be replaced by technology in the near future,automation and tools like chatbots are here to help us humans do our job better and ease our workload. 

When looking for that perfect candidate, there is just too much data to go through, which is not time and cost-effective, so automation of the initial recruitment processes can help companies to keep up with the pace of our modern world.

Chatbots are gaining popularity in the business environment, as they can be used to complete a number of standard, routine and time-consuming functions, and facilitate the work of HR specialists. Chatbots can do the initial contact with the potential candidates, answer their questions and even qualify and schedule the right candidates for the next step – an interview. This allows the recruiters to focus on what they do best — to communicate with the candidates and pick the best fit among five or ten candidates instead of 500 or 1,000.

The potential candidates will also appreciate that their basic questions are being immediately answered and they do not have to wait two weeks or longer before even being able to schedule the interview. According to OpenMarket research, 75% of millennials prefer texting over talking, while 63% find messages less annoying than calls. The chatbots open up many new opportunities and the interviews of expert recruiters below show that they can help recruiters overcome the main challenges they face during the recruiting process.

“We do mostly I.T. recruiting, so a lot of software engineers, project managers, business analysts, etc. [ …] Engagement is one of the biggest challenges in recruiting.” Candidates want to know that “you’ve made an intelligent informed decision as to why you think you’d like to talk to them. […] You can’t engage with somebody if you have no way of contacting them. So there are tools now that allow you to find contact information — personal email addresses and phone numbers.” With artificial intelligence, “you can improve your engagement levels when you’re searching for candidates because, at this moment, it’s possible to make artificial intelligence that will be very human-like.”

 — Andrew Greenberg, Founder & President at

I recruit mostly for middle management positions but also some IT. Of course, the repetitive task of the recruitment process can be automated, but we still need to do some tasks manually. Being able to easily find contact information would be another plus of recruitment tools. Also, there are positions where it is practically impossible to find potential candidates online, like on Facebook and LinkedIn. “So, a tool that would dig a bit deeper would be of interest.”

                             — Gareth Callaway, President & CEO at Gateway Staffing

“The technology is helping us change the way in which we’re reaching out and finding people. […] I’m seeing that artificial intelligence is coming to play in a couple of very, very key areas” of recruitment. It can go through 500 applications and pick 10 best resumes more effectively and check not only keywords but also do behavioral assessments, skill assessments, testing cultural fit and much more. “That stuff was done manually and is now being done technically and through A.I. and it’s helping tremendously. […] I think A.I. is going to be very key in kind of assessing a person’s potential as opposed to experience.”

— Nov Omana, CEO/Founder at Collective HR Solutions

We have developed our technology that is able to match a resume to a job description, but it’s not enough and we get many irrelevant applications sent to us. Also, “I would love to see the automation of scheduling interviews and H.R. information that people need.” These tasks take too much time and we lose people just because we are unable to quickly schedule an interview or find the necessary information on the candidates. “I think the process of communication with the person and getting information to them quickly and scheduling quicker is really what would make things even better. […] The searching and matching is the part that cost us all so much money. Efficiency is money” and if technology can provide it that would be amazing.

— Deidre Diamond, Founder and CEO at CyberSN

“We have a lot of applicants to process and a lot of jobs that we’re looking to fill and more quickly we can get through that process, the better.” Without automation tools, we would not be able to process the volume of work we have. “We have an extremely wide variety or scope of position types, so we haven’t really found a solution that would easily scale to the number of skill sets and assessments that would need to be built.”

— Jeremy Schroeder, Director of Recruiting at PDS Tech

Chatbots and other tools that help HR should be interesting to all those who want to see their business being sustainable and efficient. Even if you are a small company, you do not want to lose your time, money and, most importantly, lose a chance to find the right talent. Any company wants to grow and doing it with the help of artificial intelligence and chatbots is much easier.

XOR chatbot is just that tool. It is very customizable depending on the company’s job requirements, which means that it can be used in any industry and business segment from medical and IT to mass recruiting. Natural language processing allows XOR chatbot to communicate with candidates from all over the world because it understands 103 languages. XOR is an irreplaceable recruitment communication automation tool for H.R. and talent acquisition.

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

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