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High-Volume Retail Recruitment Problems

Nikolay Manolov - Sep 24, 2018 8:01:04 AM

High-volume recruiting provides added challenges to the recruitment process. Recruiters facing this unique situation have to complete all of the typical tasks of TA professionals but in mass. This has lead to an increase in recruiting problems as the candidate’s expectations, such as communication, company culture and candidate experience, remain the same.

The retail industry sees the struggles that arise from high-volume recruiting first hand as they face arguably one of the highest staff turnover rates. Major retailers are hiring candidates at consistently higher rates compared to other industries and need to fight these problems with serious solutions.

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Today’s Retail Trends

High-volume recruiters in the retail industry face several challenges that are less apparent in other industries. On top of many of the high-volume issues that arise, retailers also have to take into consideration ever-changing industry trends. A few things, however, continue to remain the same year after year.

Retail Recruitment is Ongoing

Often times, candidates will apply for entry-level positions as a way to enter the workforce or as a fun, part-time source of disposable income. No matter the reason for applying, HR professionals in the industry see candidates leaving just as quickly. For that reason, retail recruiters are always on the lookout for their next hire.

A Large Candidate Pool

The retail industry sees a high number of applicants coming through their system. Although this large pool of candidates seems like a plus, recruiters in this fast-paced industry see a high rate of no-shows to interviews and the first day of work. For those reasons, HR professionals must sift through applicants to find a reliable fit for each open position.

A Quick Recruiting Process

Candidates looking to work in retail typically apply for multiple positions in anticipation of finding the best benefits and their perfect fit. If your company is looking to hire the best candidates in the market, a quick and easy recruitment process is a must. In retail, HR professionals must make a move before their competitor does.

One Company’s Solution?

IKEA, a home furnishing store featuring a “do-it-yourself” concept, has adopted XOR to tackle these industry trends. IKEA ditched paper applications and implemented electronic job kiosks in order to keep up with the high demand and quick turn around expected in the retail industry. Yet, when they did, they saw an increase in the candidate drop-off rate due to the new length and tedious process associated with the application.

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XOR, our world-class AI technology, solved IKEA’s candidate drop off problem by installing a chatbot directly to the kiosks to enhance the paperless solution IKEA had designed. With the added software installed, the application process became more interactive. By allowing candidates to see positions in which they are qualified for and allowing HR to collect the information from the kiosk to proceed with the right candidates, the process has been streamlined. Plus, with XOR, IKEA was able to decrease their candidate drop off rate, improve their candidate experience and collect candidate analytics for future strategy.

Ready for Implementation?

Do you work in or recruit for a business in the retail industry? We know that a chatbot, specialized just for you, would solve your high-volume recruitment challenges. XOR will help you expedite your recruitment strategy through pre-qualifying your candidates and automating mindless and time-consuming tasks. Plus, by using our predictive analytics, you can determine which candidates will be worth your time and money in the long run.

Take a closer look at the IKEA case study to see how XOR helped a world-renowned home furnishing company.

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Nikolay Manolov

Nikolay Manolov

Nik is a former rocket scientist turned artificial intelligence expert who built XOR's first platform and oversees product development today. He is passionate about creating a more efficient labor market where the needs of employers and candidates both are better met. Nik famously competed in an AI competition (and won) to convince Aida to start XOR with him. When he's not working, he is seeking out new adventures with his family.

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