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How Healthcare Staffing Firms Can Attract the Best Talent with AI

Aida Fazylova - Aug 15, 2019 2:42:20 PM

The healthcare industry has been booming in recent years — which, while great for healthcare professionals, isn’t as great for the hospitals and clinics who are in desperate need of more nurses and other crucial roles. 

The HR challenges for recruitment are only getting bigger.By 2030, there will be a deficit of nearly 105,000 doctors in the U.S., according to the Association of American Medical Colleges. And with the healthcare sector expecting an increase of 2.3 million jobs through 2024, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there simply isn’t enough talent to fill these roles.

Healthcare staffing firms are struggling to find the best way to source candidates and attract the best talent. That’s probably a good reason why 96% percent of healthcare staffing firms say they want to leverage new technology for a better future rather than staying with their current processes, according to Bullhorn research

Luckily, AI chatbot and automation tools are making it a bit easier for healthcare staffers to recruit successfully and develop new best practices for recruiting and candidate sourcing.

Overcoming the talent shortage

The talent shortage is currently the healthcare staffing industry’s biggest problem. To overcome this challenge, healthcare recruiters will need to rely on AI recruiting software to help them source candidates easily and quickly, so they never miss out on the first great applicants for job openings.

By using AI recruiting technology, you can begin to outsource the process of job postings and proactive candidate outreach. This AI hiring software can take out the most tedious parts of your job: attracting and engaging candidates, and scheduling interviews with those that pass its AI assessment. Using an AI recruitment chatbot that’s available 24/7 to screen and engage with candidates, you can make sure great applicants never slip through the net again. 

Automating workflows

Unfortunately, the all-too-common use of Excel spreadsheets and a mix of several differing CMS and VMS systems all create a recipe for disaster when it comes to workflows. Healthcare recruiters and staffing professionals know all too well that this workflow disorganization leads to wasted time, manual errors, and recruiting experiences that aren’t satisfying for the candidates and can be confusing for clients.  

This is exactly why many healthcare recruiters are starting to use AI recruitment tools to help integrate their CMS/VMS systems and automate their workflows. In fact, 68% of recruiters say automation freed up their time to do better work and eliminate the most time-intensive parts of the recruitment process. How? For example, XOR can integrate with corporate calendaring systems like Google Calendar, Outlook, and more to make scheduling interviews and juggling calendars easier than ever. It also integrates with all the major Applicant Tracking Systems and Candidate Relationship Management systems to help automate your workflow on a daily basis. 

Faster screening processes

A study conducted by HireRight Health Care Spotlight showed that 47 percent of healthcare respondents say getting timely screening results is their number one screening challenge. Unfortunately, for busy recruiters, it’s not always possible to get back to candidates right away about how they did on their tests.

But all of that can change simply by using an AI recruitment chatbot to attract and screen candidates. Using a chatbot, you can automatically screen candidates as soon as they show interest in the job, and immediately qualify or disqualify them for the posting. With 24/7 chatbots available, you’ll never have to worry about missing out on a great candidate just because another company answered them first. 

As a bonus, if the candidate does pass their initial screening, you can get them scheduled for a phone or an in-person interview right away by having the chatbot automatically schedule the interview on your behalf. Not only does this help engage all interested job candidates immediately, but it also saves you a ton of time so you can focus on the human elements of recruitment.

Launching XOR.Health

It’s a challenging time to be a healthcare staffer, but using AI hiring software can make it much, much easier. With plenty of healthcare clients of our own, we know just what you need to make your job easier and overcome these recruiting challenges. 

In fact, that’s exactly why we decided to launch our very own healthcare AI chatbot for healthcare recruiters and professionals! The new platform, XOR.Health, is tailor-made for the exact needs of healthcare recruiters and staffing firms, making recruiting smoother and faster than ever before.

Find out how the XOR.Health chatbot can work for your healthcare staffing firm today! 

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Aida Fazylova

Aida Fazylova

Aida spent over seven years in talent acquisition before she founded XOR. She also studied artificial intelligence and co-founded OpenDataScience, an online community of over 39,000 data scientists, researchers, and engineers. She is passionate about helping recruiters understand technology and build tomorrow's future of work. When Aida is not working she is exploring new hot pot restaurants around San Francisco.

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