How to Automate Candidate Screening

How to Automate Candidate Screening

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Candidate Screening

How to Automate Candidate Screening

Attracting a large pool of applicants for a particular job listing is a great start. As a recruiter, you have the opportunity to meet with many talented individuals to ensure the candidate you end up selecting is the best fit for the job. However, this also means having to repeat the screening process, over and over again.

It doesn’t seem too hard with just a dozen candidates—but when you have hundreds or even thousands of applicants, it can be extremely time consuming. Screening only covers the first stages of the recruiting process; recruiters will still have to walk candidates through later touch points such as interviewing, and that’s only if the candidate is qualified to proceed.

Recruiters are responsible for building relationships with candidates, but how can they do so with so many repetitive tasks before them?

Screening doesn’t necessarily require authentic human interaction. Recruiters only need to set up the right set of questions to gauge whether candidates are fit for a particular role—it is not the touchpoint for candidates to open up about their background, expertise, and personality in detail.

This means recruiters can leave the task up to technology—chatbots to be specific.



How Automated Screening Can Help

What is Automated Screening?

Automated Screening with XOR

Getting started 



What is Automated Screening?

Automated Screening uses an AI-powered chatbot to manage the screening process—from initiating contact with candidates, to asking the required questions, and then either politely rejecting them or moving them to the next step in the hiring process.



Automated Screening with XOR

automated screeningXOR automates your candidate screening using an AI-powered chatbot so that you can focus on hiring the best talent, faster. Recruiters can initiate screening and complete candidate assessments twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Screening automation can be initiated from job boards like CareerBuilder, Indeed and ZipRecruiter, advertising platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, and your own careers site.

Recruiters configure the necessary questions, weigh the answers, and let XOR’s AI qualify, score and rank applicants so that only qualified candidates can proceed to the next steps of the recruitment process. Candidates can answer screening questions over text message, chat, email, or whichever communication channel they prefer.


How does XOR Automated Screening work?


Create a job posting in XOR

Create the desired job posting in XOR. This listing will allow you to manage candidate conversations, report on performance, and track all activity related to that role.

automated screening



Configure your screening questions

Create screening questions relevant to your job posting, and generate a unique link to your chatbot. Candidates who answer the questions correctly and are qualified will be moved to the next steps of the hiring process.

Recruiters can also leverage XOR's AI to weigh candidates' answers to certain questions and rank them so that only the most qualified candidates can proceed to schedule an interview. 

screening ai


Add your chatbot to screen people who apply

Attach the unique chatbot link to your desired career site job boards. Candidates can apply through these platforms, start the screening process, then get scheduled for an interview over live chat.

screening chatbot


Add your chatbot to screen candidates from outbound campaigns 

As a recruiter, you can also send text message campaigns to candidates to announce new job openings. If the candidate expresses interest, use the chatbot to screen and schedule them.

automated screeningautomated screening


Reply to candidates and track performance using XOR

You can choose to let the chatbot manage all of your communication with candidates, or follow-up with candidates yourself using the XOR platform. You can also use XOR to build reports to track the performance of your hiring campaigns.automated screening

Getting Started

Getting started with XOR Automated Screening

Automated screening is a necessary solution for teams of any size, as it helps recruiters reallocate their time and focus on the touch points of the recruiting process that require human touch.

To learn more about XOR’s Automated Screening solutions, schedule a demo.



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