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How to Automate Interview Scheduling With a Chatbot

Irina Ialovenco - Feb 19, 2020 12:48:50 PM

One of the most time-consuming tasks that recruiters face is scheduling interviews. Reviewing a resume, contacting a candidate, and playing phone tag with them can take up a significant amount of time that could be used to better the candidate experience. As technology has advanced, the industry has begun to integrate it as a powerful tool within our recruiting pipelines, such as chatbots and other automation tools. In fact, 99% of companies are starting to take action to prepare for the future of work, including bringing technology into their recruiting fold.

Take for instance Tech Mahindra, Sumeet Chadha the Global Head in Recruitment and Professional Services there shared her insight. “In the last year or so, we started moving from a traditional hiring model towards a more technological one. We are seeing how many basic tasks like scheduling a call can take an excessive amount of time for our recruiters to arrange, just by going back and forth with the interviewers and multiple candidates and trying to find a time that works for all of them. A tool could just do it automatically and enhance the work of recruiters. We are finding that by delegating all these non-productive tasks to automation, the tasks that require a human touch are being handled better. Tools are here to make our recruiters more efficient, so I do believe that AI is the way forward.”

These chatbots and automation products are multifunctional and can be tailored to a company’s needs. For instance, regardless of whether you prefer sequential, panel, or group interviews, XOR’s chatbot can assist in automating your interview scheduling. When your candidates first come into contact with the chatbot, they can receive instant feedback on their eligibility and can immediately move into the scheduling process. By integrating with a firm’s calendar directly, the candidate can choose a time that works best for both them and the recruiter or hiring manager. This quick interaction saves an immense amount of time for recruiters and hiring managers to focus all of their attention on in-person interactions.

Creating a positive onboarding experience is imperative, and a significant step is to use automation to allow the candidate to feel as though their time is respected. Right now, candidates are getting burnt out in a system that often doesn’t keep them updated during the application process. Only two years ago, less than 2 percent of Fortune 500 companies conveyed the status of a person’s application throughout the hiring process. Now, with over 80% of companies integrating automation and AI within their HR tasks, we are going to see an increase in these instantaneous responses from firms to better accommodate candidates. “A lot of different companies have problems in recruiting that can be solved using automation. We also utilize internal automation processes.” says Ryan Hall, Senior Staffing Manager at AccruePartners. “No recruiter likes to do a lot of just routine stuff. You know they would rather automate that part to focus on strategic recruitment and spending time with the client or the potential candidates. […] I obviously think that there’s going to be a lot more things automated in the future.”

By contacting XOR today, we can help provide you with the tools to integrate a chatbot into your interview scheduling, as well as many other automation tools. We integrate into over 35 ATS and HCM programs, as well as multiple calendar platforms to help make your automated interview scheduling smooth for your team and the candidate. With a 99.3% satisfaction rate, we can help improve not only your candidate experience and onboarding process but also will save time for your recruiters to put their time and effort into what matters most - your talent.

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Irina Ialovenco

Irina Ialovenco

Irina directs the growth strategy at XOR and is passionate about creating new case studies and updating customers on our latest product releases. She has extensive experience in sales, marketing, and customer support. When she is not figuring out the newest marketing strategy, she is playing with her cat and discovering new travel destinations.

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