How to Automate Your Interview Scheduling

How to Automate Your Interview Scheduling

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How to Automate Your Interview Scheduling

Kristine Le
Dec 18, 2020 12:34:03 AM

You’re on a lucky streak this week! You found a handful of top tier candidates who are all qualified and ready to move onto the next steps of the hiring process—and you’re excited to speak with them! But what about all the other applicants who have yet to schedule a short phone screening with you? Or the other hundreds of resumes waiting to be reviewed?

How Automated Scheduling Can Help

What is Automated Scheduling?

Automated Scheduling with XOR

Getting started

What is Automated Scheduling?

Recruiting with Automated Scheduling

As a recruiter, it can be overwhelming to juggle so many tasks all at once, and the process of manually scheduling interviews with hundreds or thousands of candidates is especially a drain on time, effort, and resources. The back-and-forth between recruiter and candidate to schedule an interview is time that can be better spent on other touch points in the recruiting process.

With the right technology, recruiters can balance their workload while maintaining engaging and meaningful relationships with their candidates at every step of the recruiting process. 

What is Automated Scheduling?

Interview scheduling software uses artificial intelligence to set-up a system that allows for candidates to easily schedule an interview based on the recruiters’ availability. The system will collect the recruiter’s available date and time slots, and compile them into a list for candidates to pick from. 

Complex scheduling workflows are also available, which include sequential, panel, and round robin interviews, and can include additional team members like hiring managers. That’s all possible too, but more on that later in this blog post.

Automating your interview scheduling mitigates long wait times and ensures that candidates can move onto the next step of the hiring process as soon as possible.

Automated Scheduling with XOR

XOR automates your interview scheduling using an AI-powered chatbot so that you can focus on hiring the best talent, faster.

How does XOR Interview Scheduling work?

1. Integrate your work calendar

Connect your work calendar by entering your log in details. Your company’s system admin can also login to unlock complex scheduling workflows that include hiring managers, recruiters, and other team members.

2. Configure your meetings

Choose a meeting length, time and date range, web conferencing, and any other details you’d like to customize. Then generate a chatbot link to your scheduler.

3. Automate your scheduling

You can use your chatbot link to schedule interviews with qualified candidates who are coming inbound to apply for jobs and outbound campaigns. Scheduling can take place over text message, WhatsApp or live chat. 

4. Receive calendar invites

Your chatbot will automatically send you and your candidate a calendar invite with meeting details, and the ability to reschedule or cancel.


What are XOR’s Interview Scheduling workflows?

1. One-on-One

For scheduling a single interview with a single interviewer. We provide the candidate with a choice of time slots that the interviewer is available.

2. Sequential

For scheduling consecutive interviews with single interviewers. We provide the candidate with a choice of time slots that the first interviewer and the second interviewer are available, one after the other.

3. Panel

For scheduling a single interview that has one or more interviewers. We provide the candidate with a choice of time slots that the interviewers are available at the same time.

4. Round Robin

For scheduling a single interview with the interviewer who has the most availability. We provide the candidate with a choice of time slots that the interviewer is available.

Getting Started

Automated scheduling is a great way to reduce time-to-hire and save on time and costs. With less wait time between emails, recruiters can provide a positive candidate experience and hire the best talent, faster.

Here at XOR, we’re passionate about recruiting software and would love to share more about what we’ve been working on. Schedule a demo with us to learn more about our Automated Scheduling solutions.

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