How to Create a Top-Notch Candidate Experience

How to Create a Top-Notch Candidate Experience

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How to Create a Top-Notch Candidate Experience

Kristine Le
Mar 10, 2021 11:06:28 PM

Out of the hundreds to thousands of applicants recruiters meet, interview, and engage with, only a few are selected for current job openings—so what about those candidates who didn’t receive a job offer?

How to Create a Top-Notch Candidate Experience

 The Importance of the Candidate Experience

How to Provide a Positive Candidate Experience

Getting Started

The Importance of the Candidate Experience

According to IBM studies, job applicants who do not receive a job offer are 80% more likely to apply again if they already had a positive impression of the hiring organization prior to applying. 

This makes the candidate experience a high-priority, non-negotiable element for every recruiting team. By providing a positive candidate experience, recruiting teams can build healthy, long-lasting relationships with candidates, grow their network, and widen their talent pool for future job opportunities. Candidates appreciate organizations that make them feel valued and respected at every step of the recruiting process, even if they don’t end up landing the job. 

However, in order to create a top-notch candidate experience, recruiting teams need to put in the work while being mindful of their business needs, hiring approach, and most importantly—the candidates’ perspective.

Here at XOR, we’re passionate about creating software to help recruiting pros build the perfect candidate experience for their talent pool. Here are some tips to get started.

How to Provide a Positive Candidate Experience

Make it easy for candidates to apply to jobs

Long and tedious job applications may discourage candidates from applying to job openings—so it’s crucial that recruiters take the necessary steps to make the job application process as easy and simple as possible.

Here at XOR, we provide recruiting teams with Text-to-Apply and QR codes capabilities, so you can advertise your job listings on billboards, store fronts, social media, and other high-profile platforms or locations.

These solutions enable candidates to apply with a simple text message or snap of your QR code, launching them into a quick and easy job application and screening process with a chatbot.

With Text-to-Apply and QR codes, candidates can apply to jobs at any time, from anywhere — ensuring that they receive 100% response uptime and constant communication.

Communicate with candidates at every step of the hiring process

Whether you’re setting up an interview, sending an offer letter, or asking for feedback from your candidates, it’s important to communicate at every stage of the hiring process. This builds trust with your applicants, even if you don’t end up hiring them.

Screening, scheduling, and other repetitive tasks can be handled by a chatbot — saving recruiters time to allocate to more vital touch points of the hiring process, such as interviews.

However, not every step requires the human touch of a recruiter; many of these interactions can be automated, resulting in a more efficient recruiting process.

XOR provides recruiting teams with chatbot capabilities, so you can automate these tasks and focus on building relationships with your candidates.

Give candidates your full attention during interviews

During interviews, it’s essential to make sure candidates feel heard and respected — especially if your team is conducting interviews digitally. In the midst of a health pandemic such as COVID-19, recruiters may not be able to meet with candidates in-person, so video interviewing is a great alternative.

However, it can be overwhelming for recruiters to host the interview, take notes, and make candidates feel engaged — all at once. With XOR’s all-in-one Video Interviewing platform, recruiters can record and save their video calls for later, enabling them to keep their full attention on candidates.

Ask for Feedback

Regardless of whether you end up hiring an applicant, asking for feedback is highly recommended. It shows that you care, and gives candidates the opportunity to express their sentiments about the efficiency and effectiveness of your recruiting process. You can use this feedback to refine and improve your recruiting strategy, and stay connected with candidates.

Getting Started

Providing a top-notch candidate experience makes candidates feel appreciated, even if your team doesn’t end up hiring them. Although it may seem daunting, with the right technology, your team can automate repetitive tasks, allocating time and resources to touch points that require human interaction. To learn more about XOR’s capabilities and how we can help you provide a positive candidate experience, schedule a demo with us.

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