How To Determine If a Chatbot Is Right For Your Company

How To Determine If a Chatbot Is Right For Your Company

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How To Determine If a Chatbot Is Right For Your Company

Aida Fazylova
Jul 25, 2018 6:03:20 PM

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: AI technology is here to enhance the way you do business. Chatbots, for instance, are automating mindless processes — freeing your employees’ time and, best of all, saving your company some serious cash. We know that these major advancements in tech can be scary…not to mention they may come with a little sticker shock. So, how do you determine if your company would truly benefit from a chatbot? Lucky for you, we’re here to answer that very question. Although we’re confident a chatbot would be a worthwhile addition to any company, there are a few tell tale signs that you truly need to add one to your recruitment mix.

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Are You Performing Mindless Tasks?

Are your employees performing the same, mindless tasks day in and day out? If you answered “yes” or even “sometimes” to that question, stop the madness and automate these tasks already! In this era of ever evolving technology, there is no reason for you to read every resume, screen every candidate or schedule every interview yourself. Remove these daily burdens from your company’s to-do list by having XOR complete these mindless, but important, tasks.

Are You Missing Candidates?

For most companies, the hours of operation are limited to 9am — 5pm. Are you one of them? By adding XOR to your recruitment mix, you are no longer held back by work hour limitations. This world class chatbot operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to allow candidates to complete the hiring process at their convenience. Here’s a bonus: Your candidates will love the accessibility to the company, and will rave about your exceptional candidate experience.

Have You Already Answered That Question?

As a recruiter, you know that candidates have questions. And they should! It shows that they’re taking an interest in the company and the position they’re applying for. With that being said, how often have you answered the question “do you really need 2+ years of experience for the position?” or “is there flexibility in what hours you work each day?” Let me answer that for you: too many! Stop wasting your breath. XOR’s automation can answer these questions and more for your candidates.

Is Scheduling an Interview a Nuisance?

It is astonishing how busy your work days are, isn’t it? You bounce from meeting, to interview, to project and then your day is practically over. Yet somewhere during all of that, you’re expected to set up an interview with a great candidate. Take this stressor off your plate with XOR. Our chatbot integrates with your schedule so that candidates can schedule their own interviews. Relax knowing that you’ll never have to suggest another date or time again.

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How Many Unqualified Candidates are You Meeting With?

Unqualified candidates apply for jobs all the time. After all, what’s stopping them? With XOR’s interactive chat, you can pre-screen your candidates to make sure that they fit all the hiring criteria set in place. With an interactive pre-screening in place, you’ll never have to sit through an interview just to find out that you overqualified a candidate…again. On top of ensuring qualification, our recruitment assistant chatbot can also spot potentially toxic candidates and predict each employee’s lifetime value. Before hiring, you can decide whether this person will be worth the time and energy.

Are Your Competitors Doing it?

The answer is probably yes. But if they aren’t, they are sure to be shortly. Beat them to it! Secure this competitive advantage before it is adopted as the norm.

After reading this, I’m sure you feel that adding a world class chatbot to your recruitment process is needed. With XOR’s help, you’re sure to eliminate mindless tasks, improve the candidate experience and ultimately save the company money. Secure your competitive advantage when you start with XOR today.

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