How to Host a Virtual Career Fair

How to Host a Virtual Career Fair

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How to Host a Virtual Career Fair

Frank Becerra
Apr 21, 2020 8:46:05 PM

Remotely connecting with talent has gotten easier as new tools have entered the market. An option to consider for one of your hiring solutions should be hosting a virtual career fair.

These scheduled online events allow for candidates to interact with either recruiters or a chatbot to learn more about a role without having to arrive in person. This setup is not only convenient for the job seeker but allows your company to cast a much wider net to find high-quality talent.

By implementing Virtual Career Fairs, you have precise control over how you would like to field candidates. You also have the power of advanced AI and chatbots so that your recruiters don’t end up burdened with eliminating dozens of unqualified candidates.

When setting up your career fair through XOR, you will have the ability to customize your questions. You can weigh the answers to emphasize the skills you value most for the role, while still asking other questions to narrow down your top contenders.

By allowing you to apply different levels of importance and weighting to the questions, you can ensure that you will remove any unwanted applicants without accidentally losing someone high-quality.

Once an interested individual joins your virtual career fair, they will arrive on a visually stunning and branded landing page where they can participate in either live chat or recorded video question and answer sessions. Once they answer your automated queries and assessments, our AI qualifies, scores, and ranks the user so that only the top candidates are filtered through to your live recruiters.

While recruiters chat with the filtered applicants, they can ask any final questions and also answer any questions the candidate may have. You are also able to add in videos to add a personal, human touch. If the prospective candidate has a quality skillset for your position, you can automatically schedule a formal interview for an upcoming date, or you can create an on-demand video interview.

This scheduling can be activated with just one click, and can seamlessly integrate into your work calendar so that candidates can easily select an open time. Outlook, Microsoft Office, and Google calendars are some of the options we support.

To drive candidates to these virtual career fairs, recruiters can send out email and text message campaigns from within their applicant tracking system. You also can choose to send out an ad campaign to drive more widespread traffic. From there, XOR can schedule them for the fair and will provide them with a link that they can click on at their designated appointment to join the chat.

While recruiting may seem more difficult when virtual, many elements can make it more productive. By implementing a virtual career fair, you will get a wide range of candidates that you may not have tapped into through more common sourcing techniques. The AI prescreening elements also can save a significant amount of time for your recruiters, allowing them to focus on the best applicants you receive.

Contact XOR to get a product overview and see how easy it is to add automation into your recruiting toolkit.

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