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How to Recruit Remotely

Kristine Le - Feb 11, 2021 12:13:13 PM
2020 was a challenging year for most. With the surge of COVID-19, many industries were forced to change the way they operate and think to not only meet their business goals, but their consumers’ needs as well. The HR space was no different. The pandemic didn’t eliminate candidates’ need to find jobs, nor roles waiting to be filled.


How to Recruit Remotely

 What is Remote Recruiting?

Why Remote Recruiting Matters Today

How Your Team Can Start Recruiting Remotely

What Types of Technology Can Help With Remote Recruiting

Getting Started

What is Remote Recruiting?


2020 was a challenging year for most. With the surge of COVID-19, many industries were forced to change the way they operate and think to not only meet their business goals, but their consumers’ needs as well. The HR space was no different. The pandemic didn’t eliminate candidates’ need to find jobs, nor roles waiting to be filled.

Recruiting teams needed a way to find and meet candidates while adhering to health and safety regulations—and technology was the perfect aide. Remote recruiting was not only a solution, but a valuable approach that can and will serve as an integral part of the HR industry in the years to come.

Why Remote Recruiting Matters Today

Remote Recruiting is the future of recruiting—but isn’t a replacement for in-person recruiting. It’s a valuable option, rather. Remote Recruiting enables recruiters and candidates to connect with the help of technology, providing many benefits such as:

Reduces time and travel costs

Remote Recruiting cuts down on time and travel costs that in-person recruiting would typically require. Candidates and recruiters can connect, chat, and meet digitally, making the hiring process quicker and more efficient.

Transcend geographic barriers

Technology connects recruiters to candidates from any location, resulting in a larger talent pool. Recruiters have a greater opportunity and chance to meet qualified candidates and ultimately, select the most suited applicant for the job.

Adheres to health and safety regulations

During a pandemic such as COVID-19, Remote Recruiting enables candidates to job search and recruiters to fill necessary positions. Both parties can link up through many different avenues such as SMS, live chat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, phone, video call, and more.

How Your Team Can Start Recruiting Remotely

As a hiring manager, you may be considering Remote Recruiting, but find the transition daunting with your team working from different locations. To coordinate the change and support your employees’ efforts, there are a number of actions you can take:

Nail down a structured hiring process

It’s important to have a well-defined hiring strategy; this will ensure that recruiters hold and assess candidates to the same fair standard—regardless of where they’re located. Some components to consider during this discussion include but are not limited to time-to-hire, job requirements, interviewing structure, and hiring decisions.

Provide recruiters with the right technology

Recruiting software is non-negotiable when it comes to Remote Recruiting. Not only does technology streamline the recruiting process for recruiters, it provides a top-notch candidate experience for applicants. SMS, Automated Screening and Scheduling, and Video Interviewing are all must-have tools in every recruiter’s belt. These solutions provide instantaneous communication with candidates, and eliminate repetitive tasks for recruiters. We’ll deep-dive into the benefits of Remote Recruiting technology below.

Encourage 1-on-1's with your recruiters

Remember that your recruiters are your employees—they can feel burnt out, or discouraged at certain points in the hiring process. It’s essential to check in with them and see how they’re doing—both professionally and personally. Get feedback on their experience as a recruiter, and see how you can lead initiatives to make the recruiting process more comfortable and efficient.

What Types of Technology Can Help With Remote Recruiting

Technology plays an imperative role in Remote Recruiting, as it serves as a bridge between recruiters and candidates. There are several components to recruiting software that every recruiting team should adopt into their strategy:


Text messaging is one of the quickest ways to communicate on a daily basis, and should be leveraged in recruiting. With XOR, recruiters can create text campaigns and promote job listings via SMS. Furthermore, they can set up digital Text-to-Apply ads on social media or job boards, which are unique text-in or QR codes that candidates can use to start a job application.remote recruiting

Automated Screening

Technology is a game changer when it comes to alleviating the burden of repetitive tasks such as automated screening. XOR enables recruiters to set-up screening questions, and weigh candidates’ answers to weed out those who are unqualified. This is a huge time-saver, and allows recruiters to allocate their time and efforts to building relationships with candidates during more important touch points of the recruiting process.

Automated Scheduling

Both recruiters and candidates have busy schedules, with many professional and personal things to tend to—so scheduling should be the last thing on their minds. XOR Automated Scheduling provides candidates with a pre-generated list of the recruiter’s open time slots to select from, ensuring that there is no delay or back-and-forth emailing to confirm an interview date.

Video Interviewing

Remote Recruiting requires even more of an emphasis on human interaction than in-person recruiting, as there are less opportunities to meet face-to-face. Video calls are a must-have, especially for interviewing. XOR offers an in-platform video call feature, allowing recruiters and candidates to host and participate in live and asynchronous video interviews.

video interviewing

Getting Started

Remote Recruiting was the best and safest way to hire during the pandemic, but it’s here to stay. With many recruiting elements supported by technology, recruiters can build relationships with candidates beyond geographic limitations, save time, and provide a top-notch candidate experience.

Here at XOR, we work on software to support your Remote Recruiting efforts. Schedule a demo with us to see how we can help you achieve the most efficient Remote Recruiting strategy.

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