How to Tell It’s Time for an AI Chatbot in Your Recruiting

How to Tell It’s Time for an AI Chatbot in Your Recruiting

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How to Tell It’s Time for an AI Chatbot in Your Recruiting

Aida Fazylova
Aug 6, 2019 10:00:00 PM

For many recruiters, it can be difficult to know when, and how, to implement new AI technology into their outreach and hiring processes. After all, many recruiters are simply used to dealing with the high stress levels and multitasking that comes along with high-volume recruiting. 

When that’s the case, it’s not always easy for a recruiter to recognize how AI technology can be used not only to take away crucial amounts of stress, but also to help them finally eliminate the tedious parts of their job so they can focus on the critical aspects of finding the right candidates for their company. In fact, AI-powered recruitment technology has been proven to significantly reduce the time spent on administrative work and recruit 33% faster, while lowering costs by up to 50%. 

Here are some key ways to understanding if it’s time for you to start considering the implementation of an AI chatbot in your own recruiting efforts:

You need help automating your workflow

Every recruiter — especially high-volume recruiters — knows just how much tedious work goes into their daily schedule. From checking candidate qualifications, scheduling multiple interviews and juggling various calendars, inputting information into different systems, and attempting to give feedback to candidates, it can be challenging to find the time to do the most important part of your job: finding the right fit for the position!

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by all of these tasks, and often struggle to find the time to get everything done, it’s probably time for you to consider implementing an AI chatbot. These chatbots can automate all of these tasks and more, eliminating the most tedious and time-consuming duties so you can focus on what really matters. For example, the XOR chatbot has integration capabilities with many major Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) platforms, and corporate calendar systems, so you no longer have to juggle different calendars and schedules. Plus, it gives instant responses to candidates and automatically screens them, saving you tons of time when it comes to the candidate screening process and scheduling follow-up interviews.

Your candidate pool isn’t diverse enough

Do you ever feel that even though you’re trying hard to find a more diverse pool of candidates for your company, you still somehow end up with the same in-the-box candidates every time? You’re certainly not the only one. Diversity and inclusion in recruitment have become a hot topic recently, as many younger job applicants desire to work at companies with notably diverse environments. 

Automated candidate sourcing is one key way to overcome this issue, and it can be achieved with the help of AI hiring software. By using an AI recruitment chatbot in your initial candidate screening process, you can actually eliminate some of the unconscious biases you may not even know you have. AI can create a profile based on the actual qualifications of successful employees, and be programmed to ignore demographic information about candidates such as sex, race, and age. By simply using an automated, objective process, it’s possible to drastically reduce the scope of human bias. 

Plus, you can use AI to review your current screening and interview questions to eliminate any language that may be deterring some diverse candidates from applying without you even being aware of it. Additionally, the XOR chatbot is able to speak over 100 different languages, further reducing barriers and allowing a more diverse pool of candidates to apply.

You need access to predictive and advanced analytics

Do you often find yourself wondering how to measure the effectiveness of your recruitment and selection process? Do you ever wish there were a way for you to tell ahead of time whether a candidate was truly the right fit for your company? Once again, these are questions that can be answered with the help of AI recruiting software and the predictive and advanced analytics that come with it. 

Many hiring teams are starting to use AI recruitment software as a tool to gauge key metrics, such as new hire performance trends and turnover numbers, that can, in turn, improve their recruitment standards and enhance decision-making. Predictive analytics can also help recruiters measure data from their successful hires and compare it to their candidates to see if the person will be the right fit for the company. These new insights can also help improve employee performance and retention rates in the future.

So far, XOR’s chatbot has helped recruiters screen over 2.5 million applicants with a 99.3% candidate satisfaction rate! If you related to any (or all) of the issues above, it’s definitely time for you to consider implementing the XOR chatbot into your recruitment processes. Contact us today!

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