How Well Do You Know AI and Automation?

How Well Do You Know AI and Automation?

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How Well Do You Know AI and Automation?

Aida Fazylova
Jun 22, 2018 5:10:00 PM

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are more advanced now than ever before. With the deep learning, natural language processing, speech recognition, and even image recognition technology behind AI, organizations can really leverage this solution to help them achieve high levels of productivity and great success within much less time.
This also reigns true for the recruiting space. Recruiters can now leverage AI to automate repetitive, specific tasks such as candidate screening and interview scheduling in real-time. Chatbots serve as recruiters’ personal assistants, improving their productivity, decision-making, and more.

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But, what does the data show about AI and Automation? Is it really as good as it seems? We suppose that could all be open to interpretation, but one thing’s for sure — these technologies are making a huge impact on the industry. So, how well do you know the field of AI and Automation?

Grab some paper and a pen and take the short quiz below to see how you rank. You may even learn something new along the way!

1. What is artificial intelligence (AI)?

  1. The simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions.
  2. Any machine that exhibits traits associated with a human mind such as learning and problem-solving, such as self-driving cars
  3. A video game that many people love
  4. A & B

2. What percentage of companies are already implementing AI into their HR departments?

  1. 20%
  2. 10%
  3. 45%
  4. 13%

TIP: This number is surprisingly low considering how vital technology has become within our everyday lives. Not only that, but studies have found that 45% of the tasks currently being performed by humans could be done more efficiently by automation or robotics, reducing headcounts and providing about USD $2 trillion in global savings to businesses. Talk about great ROI!

3. 57% of companies use this recent technology:

  1. Computer system
  2. Chatbots
  3. Machine Learning
  4. Matching Algorithms

TIP: Chatbots don’t have to take over the entire recruitment process. In fact, more than 77% of people who have searched for a job in the past five years say they prefer human interaction throughout the job hunt. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them to help make the initial contact and learn the basics about the applicant.

4. AI and automation tools have increased overall recruiter productivity by:

  1. 5 Times
  2. 2.5 Times
  3. 3.7 Times
  4. 1.2 Times

TIP: Sound too good to be true? Well, believe it! Furthermore, 68% of recruiters say automation freed up their time to do better work. If your workforce needs a bit of a boost, automation is the answer.

5. By 2020, AI and Automation are predicted to be a $____ industry.

  1. $47 billion
  2. $90 million
  3. $2 billion
  4. $500 million

TIP: This is no surprise when you see that 16% of recruitment agencies rank actually implementing automation technology as a top-three priority. It’s time to keep up with the Joneses on this one!

6. The percentage of Fortune 500 companies that use AI technology in their recruitment:

  1. 15%
  2. 1%
  3. 30%
  4. 25%

TIP: Unlike the companies of old, newer startups are raking in the benefits of AI and Automation. Early adopter companies using AI-powered recruiting software have seen their cost per screen reduced by 75%, their revenue per employee improve by 4%, and their turnover decrease by 35%.

7. _____ of recruiters feel that their approach to hiring will need to evolve as AI and Automation become more prevalent.

  1. 60%
  2. 12%
  3. 72%
  4. 30%

TIP: Likewise, 72% of executives also believe that AI will offer sizeable business advantages in the near future. Now is the time to implement the technology to make your processes work better before you fall behind the pack. And, with candidate/applicant experience being a top factor for job seekers, your applicants will take note!

8. How many candidates say they’d be comfortable interacting with a chatbot in the early stages of the application process?

  1. 5%
  2. 75%
  3. 20%
  4. 58%

TIP: Yeah, you read that right. So, what’s keeping you from taking the leap into the world of AI and Automation? Your candidates expect it and without it, you could be suffering in both experience and employer brand. Instead, let AI take care of the smaller (like finding top candidates that meet your expectations) while your team takes care of the ever-important human aspect.

9. __% of recruiters stated that Automation allowed them to complete routine tasks quickly.

  1. 75%
  2. 23%
  3. 47%
  4. 89%

TIP: Despite this and many other great benefits of Automation, 40% of recruitment agencies don’t automate during the prospecting or client engagement stages, and more than 30% of agencies don’t use it during any stage of the recruitment process.

10. Amount of execs that view AI as a strategic opportunity.

  1. 58%
  2. 80%
  3. 25%
  4. 40%

TIP: To expand on this, 72% of executives believe that AI will offer sizeable business advantages in the near future. And, with half of the recruiters (49%) feeling positive about the effects of AI and Automation on their jobs, they could be right!

11. 50% of recruiters said Automation allowed better client and candidate service.

  1. True
  2. False

TIP: When it comes to Automation in the hiring process it’s important to remember that there is a fine line to be maintained. More than 77% of people who have searched for a job in the past five years say they prefer human interaction throughout the job hunt, but that doesn’t mean Automation doesn’t have its place. Find what processes your department can take advantage of without having your candidates constantly talking to a robot.


Let’s see how you did!

  1. D
  2. D
  3. B
  4. C
  5. A
  6. B
  7. C
  8. D
  9. A
  10. B
  11. A

8-10 Correct: Sure You’re Not a Robot?…

Are you sure you’re not Alexa or Siri? (Just kidding) Congrats, you’re really passionate about AI and Automation — and it shows! You seem to know and understand the benefits of AI chatbots, and see how it can be a great way to optimize your recruiting process. You may already know what you’re looking for and have already implemented some sort of AI system. Just in case you haven’t, see how XOR can be a great option to add to your recruiting arsenal!

5-8 Correct: You Know Your Stuff

Look at that! You’re on your way to becoming an AI pro! Okay…maybe not, but you do at least know how recruiters and execs alike feel about this great technology. And, more than likely, you know that some form of Automation can easily benefit recruiters and candidates. Now it’s time to take things to the next level so you can help your recruiting and HR department do things better, faster, and cheaper.

1-4 Correct: Just a Dabbler

You may not know too much about AI and Automation in recruiting, but you’re getting there! With additional AI research, you can see just how a simple chatbot has helped so many companies like yours. Check out our XOR Case Studies to see the benefits automation is bringing to recruiting departments all over the globe!

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