Recruiting Chatbots: Successful Requirement of Employees in the U.S.

Recruiting Chatbots: Successful Requirement of Employees in the U.S.

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Recruiting Chatbots: Successful Requirement of Employees in the U.S.

Aida Fazylova
May 20, 2021 11:34:39 PM

Each profession went through the stage when manual labor is replaced by technology, computers, programs. The same is true for HR and AI global recruiting trends that will transform the recruiting landscape. Recruiting services make life easier for employers and allow you to quickly find potential candidates. Such platforms appeared long ago and provide a wide range of features.

The most famous are Greenhouse, Smart Recruiters and Workable. They automate tedious hiring tasks, facilitate routine work. Artificial intelligence helps a lot in finding suitable candidates, but even the largest and most advanced services cannot compete in efficiency with chatbots, which are an innovative mechanism in the field of HR.

AI chatbots are just a convenient tool for completing your tasks that does not replace you but helps with routine work. HR chatbots help to attract the best talent and automate the recruitment process. Chatbots use natural language processing to communicate with staff and candidates based on your scenarios. 

Any repetitive actions with a large amount of data can be automated with chatbots. They can answer candidates’ FAQs, automate scheduling interviews, various polls, training, and adaptation. Below are some of the HR recruitment automation chatbot options available on the market. 

  1. MYA – an AI chatbot technology that is used for automating communication with job and internship candidates when they just apply. It has been used to bring all suitable candidates into one base.
  2. TextRecruit – candidate engagement platform that helps to find the right candidates. It engages in a two-way conversation with candidates. TextRecruit can announce jobs, screen applicants, answer questions, and schedule interviews.
  3. My Ally – focuses on email artificial intelligence rather than live chat integration. Can schedule interviews with potential employees. It makes the process faster, but no more than 15-20%, which is not enough in the conditions of large companies or agencies.
  4. Ally-O – another chatbot that helps to streamline the recruiting process. It analyzes resumes to speed up the hiring process. It can conduct initial conversations with potential job candidates by texting them over a phone or web.
  5. Paradox (former Olivia) – AI recruiting assistant for enterprise and mid-market companies, but not a good choice for large businesses. It communicates only in a couple of languages, which is not sufficient for a global company.

Many choices that automate candidate screening are available, but there is a completely new product that has radically changed the idea of automated recruiting. Having studied the shortcomings of its competitors, XOR brought together only the best features. These features and advantages include the following:

  • Unlike many other options, XOR AI chatbot speaks 103 languages, giving its clients an opportunity to engage with applicants all around the globe;
  • XOR seamlessly integrates with most Applicant Tracking Systems and HR technology platforms in a matter of a 1-day to 2-weeks period;
  • Easy-to-use chatbot — no coding skills required;
  • XOR AI provides great customer support: we will be there with you from start to the end;
  • It showed to improve candidate experience in over 95% of the cases;
  • Provides predictive analytics and in-depth reports;
  • Learns from past hires and aims to find a cultural fit.

If you desire to optimize the recruitment process and automate routine repetitive recruiting tasks by integrating cutting-edge AI technologies, then XOR chatbot is the right choice. XOR has a major in 15 countries around the world and performs millions of candidate engagement and screening interviews each year. XOR is now trusted by companies such as Heineken, Ikea, and McDonalds just to name a few.

It will enhance recruitment from source to hire and can help recruiters save time on routine work and use it for communication with the most promising candidates to find the right one. In fact, XOR will pre-select the right candidates for a certain job for HR and collect necessary data about the candidates. The conversion rate will increase dramatically compared to traditional web forms used by HR departments.

XOR is ideally suited for staffing, technology, retail, restaurants, healthcare, and any company that is interested in HR workflow automation. Selection of resumes, calling candidates, answering standard questions, inviting to an interview, etc. will no longer take up the already limited time of your HR staff and they can focus on more important tasks. It can not only help you save money on the recruitment process itself but also significantly increase your ROI.

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