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Are You a Robot Recruiter? Take the Quiz!

Aida Fazylova - Oct 2, 2018 12:39:27 PM

Recruiters initially feared that AI technology would take over their jobs. After realizing that the human aspects of the process are irreplaceable (and that their jobs weren’t going to the robots), HR professionals began to take on the competitive advantage that this technology offers.

Now, AI technology is becoming a cornerstone of the recruitment industry. This game-changing technology can cut down recruiters’ mindless busy work and find more qualified candidates quicker. Recruiters aren’t the only ones taking note. Candidates now expect to communicate with chatbots when beginning their hiring process.

Can you recruit better than a robot? Put your skills to the test and discover if you’re a robot recruiter or if you need the help of @XOR_ai:Tweet This!

With automation and chatbots becoming the new norm, we’re here to answer the question: Are robots better than humans? Put your recruitment skills to the test! Do you have what it takes to recruit like a robot, or will you admit that you could use the help of XOR?


Take our quiz to see how your recruitment style compares!


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Aida Fazylova

Aida Fazylova

Aida spent over seven years in talent acquisition before she founded XOR. She also studied artificial intelligence and co-founded OpenDataScience, an online community of over 39,000 data scientists, researchers, and engineers. She is passionate about helping recruiters understand technology and build tomorrow's future of work. When Aida is not working she is exploring new hot pot restaurants around San Francisco.

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