Support for Employee Communication During COVID-19

Support for Employee Communication During COVID-19

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Support for Employee Communication During COVID-19

Aida Fazylova
Mar 23, 2020 8:41:26 PM

The rapid rise and spread of COVID-19 is hurting millions of people around the world, and we feel it speaking with our clients, partners and own team here at XOR. To help support the people we love to work with, XOR will be offering select Employee Communication solutions, including a COVID-19 employee checkup survey and employee alerts and updates, for free during this time.

You can take advantage of this offer by scheduling time on our team’s calendar here.

Why Employee Communication?

As shelter-in-place policies take effect and more people begin to work remotely in response to the coronavirus, the need for instant, on-demand employee communication is becoming more critical. HR teams will need to:

  1. Share new policies, closures, and other key updates that impact employees ability to perform their job;
  2. Survey employees to check on their health, morale, and engagement levels to prepare for any changes to their workforce capacity;
  3. Onboard employees remotely to help them feel comfortable, earn their commitment, and help them start producing and contributing; and
  4. Draw actionable insights from this large amount of communication data, so that they can take the appropriate actions to mitigate risk.

What if you could send personalized text messages to your employees at a moment’s notice for instant updates, create pulse surveys that can be configured to collect any type of information, onboard employees through engaging chat and video sequences, and then analyze the results through a real-time dashboard? 

That way you can focus on what your employees need to know, what information you need from them, and how to best prepare your workforce, without worrying about how you will reach them.

Let us know how we can help your team.

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