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Chatbots Decoded: 10 Must-Read Articles on Chatbots in Recruitment

By Nikolay Manolov Aug 20, 2018 9:22:33 AM
We are no strangers to the tides of change sweeping the recruiting-sphere. Change means a constant flow of new news, opinions and developments. Keeping up with ...

The Chatbot AI Calculator Every Business Needs

By Aida Fazylova Aug 13, 2018 9:46:17 AM
Chatbots are meant to save your company time and money when it comes to daily tasks and especially the hiring process, but is your current bot as resourceful as...

Determine if a Chatbot is Beneficial for Your Company

By Aida Fazylova Jul 25, 2018 10:03:20 AM
We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: AI technology is here to enhance the way you do business. Chatbots, for instance, are automating mindless processe...

Does AI Give Recruiters a Competitive Edge?

By Aida Fazylova Jun 29, 2018 9:23:00 AM
The world of recruitment is changing - and fast! Over just the past few years, systems have become automated and things like candidate matching algorithms have ...

How AI Truly Implements Diversity in Recruiting

By Aida Fazylova Jun 19, 2018 9:40:17 AM
Diversity recruiting is a hot topic in the HR industry. The overall conversation is progressive as ever, finding strong employees amongst people of all races, s...

How To Hire Highly Productive Employees

By Michael Norton Apr 26, 2018 6:05:20 AM
Committing mistakes is part of life, but when it comes to hiring, those mistakes are often fatal for businesses. Some of the biggest slips come in the form of b...