Track Your Recruiting Communication With Reports and Dashboards

Track Your Recruiting Communication With Reports and Dashboards

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Track Your Recruiting Communication With Reports and Dashboards

Irina Ialovenco
Jun 30, 2020 5:20:15 AM

An essential part of any successful recruitment strategy is the ability to track results, measure performance, and see what works. That is why we added Dashboards and Reports to XOR. This new feature will allow you to see real-time campaign performance for each stage your candidates move through

Let’s say you want to see the report for one of your campaigns.

First, log into your XOR account. Then, go to “Dashboard” and choose the needed filters: the owner, a single or multiple job openings, and the channel, which can be Email, SMS, or WhatsApp. You can also choose the desired date range and the type of conversation with the candidates, which can be either manual or automated with a chatbot. Once you have adjusted the filters, a chart will appear based on the selected criteria.

On the chart, you can see the performance of the campaigns: how many invitations were sent, how many candidates clicked on them, started the conversation, were scored, were qualified, and scheduled.

Let’s dive deeper into each of the metrics to get the most of it.

“Sent” means the total number of messages sent to candidates. This includes all the channels you selected. The more messages you send, the more chances you get to find the right person.

“Clicked” means the number of candidates who clicked on the link in your message. If not many candidates who received your message actually clicked the link, consider adding a more direct call to action to follow the link and state the reason that you are reaching out more clearly.

“Started” means the number of candidates who started the conversation when they received a message. This number can be increased by creating an appealing first message that makes the candidate interested in learning more about the job offer.

“Scored” means the number of candidates that had been scored by the chatbot. If not a lot of candidates are getting scored, consider shortening your qualification process so that it takes no more than three minutes to complete.

“Qualified” means the number of candidates that had been qualified for the opened position. In order to get the right qualified candidates, strive to choose clear and concise questions, and consider letting the candidate know that there are just a few more steps more to being finished.

“Scheduled” means the number of candidates that had passed the chatbot and got scheduled onto the recruiter or HR’s calendar. In order to follow up with candidates that were qualified and did not schedule for some reason, consider using follow-up reminders.

Besides that, you can export and save the dashboard directly to your files as an image, so you can quickly use it for any report or presentation.

On the lower chart, there is a performance summary as a percentage for each stage your candidates are passing through. This dashboard will help you analyze how many candidates were disqualified at each stage and how many were scheduled for interviews or meetings.

More than that, you will be able to build customized dashboards to see all your reports in one place.

Let’s summarize all the functionality you will get:

  • Standard funnel reports, which are stage by stage
  • Custom reports based on events and candidates’ answers
  • SMS/Email campaign report
  • Channel Analytics (SMS/Email/Offline)
  • Chatbot tuning report, that shows conversion step by step

Building reports and creating dashboards in XOR will allow you to analyze each of the recruiting stages and improve your performance. This will help you understand how you are getting the most qualified candidates and then make the necessary adjustments for your team to recruit more efficiently. Learn more by signing up for a XOR demo here.

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