What is a Recruitment Chatbot?

What is a Recruitment Chatbot?

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What is a Recruitment Chatbot?

Ronald Bolden Jr
Mar 4, 2020 12:10:16 AM

Chatbots are a type of software that provides automation tools to assist with different processes. These applications are also sometimes referred to as recruitment chatbots or virtual recruiting assistants when they are put to use helping with recruitment tasks.

The Basics

By using artificial intelligence technology, these bots are able to simulate human conversation for various functions. For human resources, talent acquisition, and recruitment purposes, chatbots often are able to integrate with existing infrastructure to assist with the hiring pipeline. Some of their features include the ability to screen candidates, answer frequently asked questions, onboard new hires, engage existing talent pools, and schedule interviews.

While these chatbots provide many exceptional benefits, one of the main appeals is that they can save your recruiting team a significant amount of time by automating mundane, repetitive tasks. For instance, rather than having your human resources team sift through hundreds of resumes, the chatbot can do an initial screening to cut down dramatically on unqualified candidates. This feature alone can save your organization significant time, allowing them to focus more on the candidate experience and any human contact during the process.

Along with the previously mentioned screening, different chatbots have a multitude of functions that can assist your team. XOR, for example, supports over 100 languages, allowing you to recruit multi-nationally in the verbiage that makes the applicant most comfortable. Features like this can help you not only attract and hire more top-tier candidates but also improve your applicant’s hiring experience overall.

The Capabilities of a Chatbot

We have touched a bit on the topic of the different functions that a chatbot may have, but let’s dig a bit deeper into some of these features. Different chatbot companies will provide different program packages, but many chatbots have technology that handles processes like data collection, screening, question fielding, interview scheduling, status updates, and onboarding. While a program may have all of these capabilities, you can choose to turn many of the features off and only use the ones that will integrate well with your recruiting pipeline. This customization allows for these products to fit your needs without adding extra work where unnecessary.

Data Collection

Chatbots can sometimes integrate into your ATS (Applicant Tracking System) as well as your HCM (Human Capital Management) system. While this allows the chatbot to do many things such as log conversations, it also gives you the ability to collect data on your candidates. For example, when the chatbot interacts with the applicant, they can log any information you would typically have to look for manually in a resume. Things such as availability and current location are easily acquired by the chatbot, as well as certifications and experience of the applicant. This employee data then is logged into your recruiting software and can be looked through conveniently by recruiters if the candidate is found to be a good fit for the position.


Screening candidates is one of the most time-consuming tasks that recruiters face. By automating this process, you free up a significant amount of time for your workforce to put their focus on other responsibilities. XOR’s chatbot can screen candidates through automated messages to filter out unqualified applicants. You are able to craft questions for screening and also indicate to candidates as to whether they are requirements or just a preference. If they end up an unqualified candidate for the job opening, they get suggestions for other positions within your company and become notified of future listings.

Interview Scheduling

Some chatbots integrate with your calendar system in order to automatically set up and schedule interviews. By allowing the chatbot access to your human resource team’s schedule, it is able to suggest open times to the applicant and will enable them to choose a time that is best for them. When setting this up, you are able to choose between multiple types of interviews, such as one-on-one, panels, and sequential interviews. The bot can also send out a confirmation message, as well as reminders closer to the scheduled time to ensure the correct information is received by all parties.


Chatbots are able to interact with applicants on whatever communication platform that they prefer. This functionality includes platforms like cell phone text, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Linkedin. Recruiters also get access to a dashboard that allows them to create consistency for the candidate by ensuring that the same person always connects with them.

Question Fielding

You can set up some chatbots to answer frequently asked questions from candidates during the application process. These questions can be anything that often is requested, such as directions to your building, average interview length expectancy, and what type of interview they will be attending.

Talent Pool Engagement

When you post a new position, the chatbot can engage appropriate previous applicants from your talent pool and send them a notification. In combination with the data collection functionalities of the chatbot, this can be a powerful tool to utilize your talent pool. You also are able to automate messages to internal referrals. You first send new openings to your workforce and have them provide contact information, after that the candidate goes through your automated hiring process. If they are hired, you can then have the program notify the employee of the status of their referral as well as any bonus eligibility they may have.

By implementing these tools, you not only provide more free time for your recruiters to focus on other tasks but you also dramatically improve the candidate experience. These benefits can not only increase your chances of making a hire but also give you the ability to interact with a higher number of high-quality applicants. Through XOR’s chatbot, recruiting teams are experiencing a 33% faster rate of hiring, 50% less human resource costs, and an astounding 99.3% candidate happiness rating. Consider the benefits of adding chatbot automation to your team. If you have any questions about if automation and chatbots are right for your company, contact us at XOR and we can give you a consultation and suggestions that are right for you.

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