What is Automated Interview Scheduling?

What is Automated Interview Scheduling?

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What is Automated Interview Scheduling?

Kristine Le
Apr 6, 2021 12:57:01 AM


There’s always room for improvement when it comes to recruiting.

Traditional recruiting consists of manual screening, scheduling, and interviewing. This doesn’t sound too tough on recruiters when there are only a dozen of candidates waiting to be met — but what happens when your business scales? Hundreds to thousands of candidates can apply to your job listings in a short time frame, putting a huge workload on your recruiters’ shoulders. 

This pain point presents itself as a window of opportunity to improve the efficiency of your recruiting strategy. 

Over the recent years, automation gained traction in the recruiting space. Now, it’s used at many different stages of the recruiting process to help ease the burden of repetitive tasks such as interview scheduling. 

To help you better understand the benefits of Automated Scheduling we created a short how-to guide to get started.


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What is Automated Interview Scheduling?

Automated Interview Scheduling enables candidates to schedule time directly on recruiters calendars instantly.

With the use of artificial intelligence, platforms can automatically generate a list of recruiters’ availability based on their calendar. Candidates can then select a time slot that works best for them, all within a couple of clicks. 

Why should employers automate interview scheduling?

1) It saves a lot of time

Scheduling is extremely repetitive and takes up a lot of time, especially if you’re looking to fill many roles at once. Automating this task frees up your recruiters’ schedule and allocates their time to more important touch points in the recruiting process, such as interviewing. 

2) It improves the candidate experience

Traditional recruiting can often feel drawn out for candidates, with long wait times in between emails — and hours to days before scheduling is confirmed. Automated scheduling is a way for candidates to take the lead on their application as they can schedule an interview with a recruiter at their convenience. This enhances the candidate experience, and makes job seekers feel valued and respected. 

3) It’s scalable

Whether you’re a small or large business, automated scheduling can help you meet your hiring goals. Your automated scheduling chatbot can host many scheduling conversations at once, so it can handle any number of candidates.

As you continue to grow and develop your talent acquisition strategy, you have a flexible tool that can be adjusted to meet your current business needs. 

What types of employers automate their interview scheduling?

Many employers realize the benefit and importance of Automated Scheduling and have implemented it into their recruiting strategy. Here are some of XOR’s valued clients: 

interview scheduling automation
automate interview scheduling

What are the best Interview Scheduling Platforms out there?

what are virtual career fairs?

Interview Scheduling Software that can take care of any team’s hiring goals — big or small. They automate your interview scheduling so that you can focus on hiring the best talent, faster.

Using a unique link, you can schedule interviews with qualified candidates who are you coming inbound to apply for jobs, and outbound campaigns. Their platform will automatically send recruiters and candidates a calendar invite with meeting details, and the option to easily reschedule or cancel. 

Scheduling can be hosted over several different platforms such as email, SMS, WhatsApp, or live chat. 

The best part about XOR is that they support a variety of different interview scheduling flows such as One-on-One Scheduling, Sequential Scheduling, Panel Scheduling, and Round Robin Scheduling. 

You can request a demo of XOR’s Interview Scheduling here.


Paradox is best known for their HR chatbot Olivia. One of the core ways it drives value for recruiting teams is through scheduling candidates for interviews. However, some clients have reported that it can be tricky to set up the chatbot questions. 


GoodTime provides automated interview scheduling and interviewer training, while automatically tracking recruiting process metrics. However, clients have mentioned that the platform has a lot of bugs and a quite steep learning curve. 

How much does it cost to automate interview scheduling?

Interview scheduling software pricing can be based on the number of seats/admins, or can be a fixed annual subscription.

The best way to find out how much Automated Scheduling would cost is to request pricing. You can request a quote here.

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