What is Text to Apply and How to Use It?

What is Text to Apply and How to Use It?

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What is Text to Apply and How to Use It?

Kristine Le
Jan 27, 2021 8:12:39 PM

Text-to-Apply enables candidates to start a job application by texting in a keyword or shortcode or scanning a QR code—using any mobile device, 24/7. They can be used on storefronts, billboards, social media, radio ads, hiring events, and anywhere else to capture the attention of applicants.

When a candidate texts they can learn about what jobs are open nearby, submit their information and schedule an interview with a recruiter — all over text messaging.

Text to Apply is included as part of the XOR Talent Platform. Learn more about adding Text to Apply to your recruiting stack.

How do you use Text to Apply?

1. Choose your keyword or code

Recruiters choose a unique keyword or code that they want to use for their text-to-apply or QR campaigns. This will let candidates text-in and initiate their job application with a chatbot.

2. Advertise your keyword or code

Start advertising and promoting your keyword or code. This can be done digitally on social media or your career website, as well as physically on billboards or store banners. 

3. Candidates start the job application process

Once the candidate texts the unique number or scans the QR code, they will begin the pre-screening process.

4. Screen and schedule qualified candidates

Our chatbots work 24/7 to ensure candidates don’t have to wait for a response. Recruiters can pre-screen candidates and automate interview scheduling around the clock. Candidates can pick from a list of dates and times that work best for them.

5. Nurture everyone else for future job openings

If a candidate drops off or is not yet qualified, you can continue to nurture them until they
are ready to apply again. Schedule regular updates to let them know that new jobs they might be interested in have been posted.

What are the benefits of using Text to Apply?

81% of Americans use text messaging regularly, making SMS one of the most common avenues of communication. That’s why Text-to-Apply should be a staple tool in every recruiter’s belt. Most candidates are already on their phones, so job applicants are just a text away.

Text-to-Apply is not only a convenient way of reaching candidates who are on the go, they provide other benefits as well, including:

Reaching candidates who are on-the-go

Text-to-Apply is one of the best ways to reach candidates who are not always at their desks. You can capture the attention of those who are grabbing coffee via billboards or store banners, or those who are just simply browsing social media while on the bus.

It gives recruiters a bigger window of opportunity to find great talent and engage with applicants who may not be actively searching career websites or job boards.

Providing a positive candidate experience

Candidates appreciate employers who are communicative and responsive. When applicants initiate their job application via Text-to-Apply, they are greeted with an instant conversation with a chatbot, allowing them to jump-start their pre-screening process. There are no long wait times between emails or phone tag.

Reflects positively on the employer

As a recruiter, you are actively putting yourself out there using simple but modern technology. Candidates will feel valued and appreciated knowing they can initiate their job application with a simple text message—and get a response back almost immediately.

Even if you don’t end up hiring a particular candidate, you’ve established yourself as a reputable and hospitable employer for future re-engagement or hiring. 

FAQs about Text-to-Apply

Now that you know more about Text-to-Apply, you can start thinking about how it can fit into your current recruiting strategy. You might have a couple of questions in mind, so we’d love to help you with that! Here are some common Q&A’s regarding Text-to-Apply: 

How much does Text-to-Apply software cost?

Text-to-Apply software costs vary depending on the number of candidates who text into your keyword or QR code. The more candidates you have, the cheaper each SMS will be. To receive pricing for XOR Text-to-Apply, schedule a short overview with our team here.

Is it possible to integrate XOR Text-to-Apply software with my applicant tracking system (ATS)?

Yes! When candidates text in to apply for jobs, you will be able to track your candidate conversations directly in XOR. XOR includes integrations with the most popular ATS’s like SuccessFactors, Greenhouse, SmartRecruiters, and more.

How else can I use text recruiting software?

Recruiters can use XOR to communicate and follow-up with candidates, schedule interviews, initiate phone and video calls, and build reports to track text campaign performance. We recommend regularly nurturing past candidates with special offers and new job offerings.

Are there any laws and regulations for Text-to-Apply software I should be aware of?

When promoting your Text-to-Apply keywords, be sure to include your campaign purpose, message frequency, info about message and data rates, as well as a link to your terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Getting Started

Text-to-Apply is a convenient way for candidates to start a job application on the go. It also provides a positive candidate experience since the communication is instantaneous and can take place over any device, and from anywhere.

Here at XOR, we’re passionate about recruiting software and would love to share more about what we’ve been working on. Schedule a demo with us to learn more about our Text-to-Apply solutions.

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