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XOR Wins at the HR Tech Awards

Kristine Le - Aug 13, 2020 9:55:55 AM

In an industry where solution providers come and go, it can be difficult for consumers to navigate the landscape, let alone find the right provider for their business interests.

Thatโ€™s why HR Tech Awards set out to find companies that have real value, impact, and customized solutions for core HR, talent acquisition, learning, and talent managementโ€”so buyers can achieve the perfect solution for their business needs.

This year, HR Tech Awards named XOR as the 2020 Best Innovative or Emerging Tech Solution. Award judges included those from industry positions of CXOs, talent leaders, business professionals, academia, and other relevant and independent subject matter experts.

Ben Eubanks, HR author and speaker for HR Tech Awards, mentioned that the board was impressed with the flexibility of XORโ€™s communication platform and chatbots, โ€œThere are a couple of different ways to configure them. [The judges] were excited to see that flexibility so that it is not about losing the human in the process but emphasizing the human at the right points.โ€

Eubanks also highlighted our Case Study with a Fortune 100 company that used XORโ€™s chatbot to automate interview scheduling between recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates. This advanced scheduling workflow resulted in an 85% scheduling cost reduction, 65% faster scheduling, 10% decrease in time-to-hire, and 94% candidate satisfaction score.

XOR would like to extend a huge thanks to Ben Eubanks and the HR Tech Awards Team. We are immensely honored and will continue to innovate so that our consumers can achieve their recruiting and HR goals.

The recorded announcement of this award can be found below.



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Kristine Le

Kristine Le

Kristine is the Marketing Manager at XOR. Passionate about social media, email marketing, and graphic design, she aims to create meaningful content to help recruiters learn about the perfect balance between people and technology. When she's not working on XOR's social handles, she spends her time fashion blogging, watching anime, and playing video games.

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