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XOR Emerges Victorious in the Chad and Cheese Death Match

Birch Faber - Jun 25, 2020 10:42:44 AM

We had the honor of competing against other recruiting technology companies in a Death Match hosted by The Chad & Cheese Podcast. 

If you haven’t heard of these events, the hosts, Chad and Joel pit four HR software companies against each other in a competition to see which has the most promising tech. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are recruiting industry veterans, and like to ask hard-hitting questions in their interviews to more honestly examine companies and their teams.

In this specific event, we were matched against the recruiting technology companies Applichat, Rectxt, and TalVista. After all Death Match pitches and interviews were completed, XOR was crowned the 2020 North American Digital Grand Champion. The judges were impressed with our CEO Aida’s answers to their toughest questions and awarded us the championship.

During the pitch, Aida covered topics such as XOR’s integration advantages, our unique and globally inclusive AI, and the promising new features within our products like voice calling and transcribing. I highly recommend you listen to the full interview, which can be found below.


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Birch Faber

Birch Faber

Birch leads marketing at XOR and is passionate about making it easier for people to find work. He has spent the past six years helping employers create mobile-first, on-demand hiring experiences to achieve their recruiting goals and delight their candidates. When he's not marketing, he likes to spend his time climbing peaks like Kilimanjaro and Fuji, and trying his hand at cooking the spiciest Sichuan foods.

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