XOR Integrates with Zoom, Joins Marketplace

XOR Integrates with Zoom, Joins Marketplace

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XOR Integrates with Zoom, Joins App Marketplace

It's hard to think of society's movement to virtual communication without thinking of Zoom. Weddings, birthday parties, pub quizzes, family reunions and yes, work life too, has made Zoom Meetings an everyday part of our lives.

For recruiting and HR professionals, that means more job interviews, virtual hiring events, employee onboarding, and day-to-day talent communication taking place over video conferencing. XOR's integration with Zoom saves your recruiting and HR teams time by automatically creating a meeting link, calendar invitation, and reminder every time your chatbot schedules an event with a candidate or employee.

Let's say you are using XOR to automate scheduling an interview with a candidate over text messaging.


Interview Scheduling 1 - 2020-05-14T094457.252

Once the candidate selects a date and time that is convenient for them, the candidate with receive a calendar invitation for the interview. The location in that calendar invitation will include a custom Zoom Meeting link, ensuring that candidate, and only that candidate, is able to join the meeting.

Zoom Integration

Creating a custom link prevents multiple candidates from being able to join your meeting, in case you had back-to-back candidates scheduled.

With more and more recruiting and HR communication using video, chatbots, and other virtual tools, we hope this integration makes life easier and work faster for your team. Learn more about our integration with Zoom by signing up for a demo.

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