What the Borderless Workforce Means for Recruiters

What the Borderless Workforce Means for Recruiters

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What the Borderless Workforce Means for Recruiters

Aida Fazylova
Oct 24, 2019 6:15:00 PM

You have probably heard the term “borderless workforce” or “open talent economy” thrown around in business publications recently. If you’re not sure what exactly a borderless workforce is and why it matters today, let us explain:

Simply put, it means that more and more companies around the globe have begun to allow their employees to have more flexible hours and work remotely — doing business without borders, essentially.In fact, some companies have already gone so far as to build completely remote workforces on their own. As an example, the software development platform GitLab has 850 employees spread across more than 55 countries, each of them working remotely from home.Most interestingly, the remote workforce business model seems to actually be working without a hitch: The company is already valued at $2.75 billion after raising $268 million in funding in September 2019. Meanwhile, thanks to economic globalization and recruitment technology connecting people around the world for jobs — no matter their location — a borderless workforce has been quietly building up before our eyes.

This new borderless business model is especially relevant for younger generations like millennials and Gen-Zers, who are refusing to go with the norms of the “9—5” office job and instead are searching for meaningful and flexible work, no matter where it may be. From dreams of working while traveling the world or simply loving the flexibility to go where they want, when they want, the borderless workforce is quickly becoming ideal for young employees. And for HR teams and recruiters, this new dynamic is actually creating new opportunities to gain some of the world’s top fresh talent. 

But how can recruiters go about finding this queue of high-quality workers around the globe? Well, that’s where XOR’s investors realized the potential of our innovative AI recruitment software tools. Whether you work in healthcare, technology, retail, restaurants or any other industry, any business can use our AI technology to help expand your workforce beyond your country’s borders and hire the best talent — and fast. Leveraging the cutting-edge technologies of AI, machine learning, hiring automation and AI chatbots for recruiting, our enterprise-now SaaS platform streamlines the most challenging and time-consuming processes in recruiting — making it easier than ever to hire global talent from wherever you may be based and build your own borderless business in the era of globalization.

Here’s how XOR’s technology helps you go borderless:

  • Our AI chatbot offers pre-screening for candidates 24/7 — meaning that wherever your candidate is based, they can get quick answers even if they’re hours ahead of your local time. 
  • Our chatbot supports 103 different languages, making it easy to hire candidates who may not speak English or your company’s preferred language.
  • Our software and chatbot are completely GDPR compliant, making the recruitment process worry-free for clients who need to stay compliant with EU rules 
  • We help you attract top talent from over 500 different sources around the world, helping you recruit outside of the box and cast a much wider net!

These are just some of our helpful features that are helping companies across the world expand and adapt to changing times in recruitment. Contact us today to see how you can use XOR’s incredible AI technology to your business’ advantage!

Photo by Kelsey Knight on Unsplash

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